Oxygen Mask Found Near 1985 Crash Site

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A reminder of a tragic event was unearthed on Mount Osutaka, Gunma Perfecture. An oxygen mask found near the crash site of Japan Airlines Flight 123 was uncovered during road repairs. The announcement of this discovery came a week shy of the 37th anniversary of the fatal accident.

A historic reminder

On August 5th, 2022, Japan Airlines Co. (JAL) released a statement to the public regarding a recent discovery. An oxygen mask from an airliner was discovered on June 24th, 2022, on Mount Osutaka, Gunma Perfecture. This site was where many of the victims of flight 123 were found following the event that claimed 520 lives on August 12th, 1985.


The oxygen mask recovered is believed to have come from flight 123 aboard a Boeing 747. Photo: Boeing

The mask was uncovered by a construction worker repairing a portion of a road that had been damaged in 2019 during typhoon Hagibis. When the mask was found, it had no significant damage. No information could be provided regarding where on the aircraft it had been used This discovery comes nearly a year after a JAL employee recovered an engine part in the same area. The engine part was roughly 20 centimeters in diameter and was discovered lying exposed on the ground.

The airline stated that it believes both pieces from this flight to have been uncovered by landslides caused by typhoon Hagibis. It has been reported that the airline will place these items in the Safety Promotion Center, where they will be able to stand as a reminder of the airline’s commitment to a safer and brighter future.

A renewed commitment

The aviation industry places safety standards above all else. Tragic events occur in aviation; however, every time one does, the industry takes every precaution it can to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice. of the most tragic events in aviation history.

Japan Airlines has reminded the public of its commitment to safety following the latest discovery. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr

In response, JAL has again reminded the public of its commitment to safety and progress.With the induction of the items mentioned above into the Safety Promotion Center, generations will be able to see the remains of that tragic event.Through a commitment to safety that never waivers, the industry may be able to reach new heights and hopefully never have to endure such a tragedy again.

An official of JAL’s Safety Promotion Headquarters, Hiroaki Sakai, shared that this discovery reminds us of the need to remain fully committed to safety.

“These discovered components appear as if they are delivering a message to us regarding whether we are exerting efforts for safety properly. We will once again brace ourselves to address safety.”

An oxygen mask, believed to be from JAL flight 123, was found near the crash site.The discovery is a reminder of the terrible accident and reminds the industry of just how vital its commitment to safety is.The airline will soon place the mask in the Safety Promotion Center to remind future generations of the dire importance of safety. The airline has stated that it continues to press forward, with safety being its primary commitment.

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Source: The Mainichi

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