2025 Purdue offer Jalen Haralson recaps his first trip to West Lafayette

Fishers (Ind.) combo guard Jalen Haralson has the potential to be one of the top players in the country for the 2025 class and he is already a priority for Purdue and head coach Matt Painter.

The Boilermakers offered Haralson in January and he took his first unofficial visit to West Lafayette earlier this week.

(Photo: Mick Walker, 247Sports)

“It was really nice. I got to see the campus more and talk to the coaches a little bit more privately and in-depth and just really see how I would fit into their program,” said Haralson on how his visit to Purdue went. “So it was really nice talking with all the players and all the coaches. So Purdue was a success it was really nice.”

Perhaps the highlight of Haralson’s trip to Purdue was getting to set down in Painter’s office and spend time with the Boilermakers’ headman. That sitdown gave him the opportunity to see where Painter sees him fitting into Purdue’s system.

“It was real cool. We sat in his office and he showed us this little presentation video of all the success he’s had over the years and how they play. He said they surround the court with shooters meaning that he’ll find shooters and he’s gonna find a big guy to take the pressure,” said Haralson. “So he said, I’ll fit perfectly in that system because of my vision. He said I have elite vision for my size and my age and when I drive I’m willing to kick it out or I can throw it up one of seven footers or I can just get my own bucket. So it’s a lot more space in college and especially at Purdue.”

Haralson also enjoyed spending time with Purdue assistant Terry Johnson who is from the same hometown as the 6-foot-7 standout sophomore.

“Actually, his dad was at the store so I talked to him for a little bit. So it’s always a connection there with Coach Johnson,” said Haralson “It was fun to connect with him again and just talk over family about how everything is going back in the city.”

Another thing that Haralson and his family liked about their time in West Lafayette was getting to see everything Purdue has to offer off the court.

“It was really nice to see the academics. I mean that’s real big for my family and me, just life after basketball. My mom got her degree from Purdue. So she already knows like on the academic side,” said Haralson. “So yeah, it was really nice to meet with the academic advisor and just going over what majors they have to offer. So it was really cool to see that.”

Haralson also visited Indiana on August 1st before visiting Purdue on the 2nd. Both of the in-state programs are making the Fishers product an early priority.

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