TRIP REPORT: AIX2022 Back in Person – Innovation Continues

Innovation Continues
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022: Back in Person

I go to Aircraft Interiors Expo for many reasons – but the big one for me is to monitor the state of innovation in the industry.

We’ve got to the point where industries worldwide are trying to push together to meet Net Zero targets if they like it or not – and there’s a long way to go as we all know. We all know of the benefits (and to a point – hype) of Sustainable Air Fuels.

That’s just part of the jigsaw.

We need to look around the cabin to save weight (because the hardware in the plane contributes to the amount of fuel consumed. The fancy big seats (and the not-so-fancy economy seats all need to go on diets to reduce weight in the cabin), as well as other cabin components.

That and developing new technologies to aid in the reduction of fuel burn. There’s a lot of work to go, and progress is gradual.

But it must continue.

Onto the wrap-up for this trip.

National Express

I might moan about National Express, but there’s no other cheap solution to getting from A to B at stupid hours in the day without expensive hotels. Even with dicey driving…

British Airways South Lounge

Normality mostly returns to the BA refectory.

British Airways Club Europe

If there’s a sign from this trip, it’s the points where British Airways has been costing down its services to the penny. I wish I could say that was unexpected, but I don’t anymore. Whilst the front line staff try to make up for this, the hard and soft products do affect its position in the world.

And it is time to get rid of those Airbus A319s – they have done well, but are fast heading to the end of their lives with the airline as well as impacting service delivery.

Hamburg Airport

There was chaos, but it was reasonably well managed. And the lounge still has the magical soup machine that we all know and love.

IBIS Hotel

Well, that’s a step up in the world, to put it mildly. If the difference is three euros to stay in this versus the IBIS Budget, it’s an easy choice.

That’s your lot for this trip report – it’s been a little slow-running (much like your author). However, I am nowhere near done with this year’s flying programme.

Next up, is the first of two trips to Helsinki, as it is time to engage the joy of elite requalification on the cheap.

Join me for Feeling Finnair: To Helsinki on a Tier Point Bargain fare – starting soon!

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