Traveling Tips: Air travel can be done at the cost of the train, keep these 5 things in mind while booking tickets

No matter how fancy the train journey or car journey is, everyone wants to get on a plane once in a while. How many times have you thought of sitting in a plane flying like a bird in the blue sky through the white clouds and posting a photo on social media with the caption ‘Badal important hai yaar’? If you book the ticket keeping in mind some special tips given in this article, you can travel by plane at the cost of the train.

Generally, after the rains, many people’s travel plans are decided. If you are also planning a vacation in November-December, then start preparing from now. So let’s start with budget-friendly ticket booking.

Tips to save money in booking flight tickets

Booking ahead of time

No matter how extreme the impromptu plans are, if you want to save money, at least decide where to go and book in advance. Air tickets booked in advance get huge discounts. Many people avoid air travel during the normal rainy months as a result of which many airlines offer huge discounts on tickets.

Compare without compromise

Check various companies, websites and search engines while booking tickets. Ticket prices are different on every search engine, so compare carefully and choose the best deal for you. Also compare the rates of various travel companies that plan the trip.

Use Incognito mode

Many times we have seen that the price of the flight ticket is low, but after two days, suddenly the price has increased. This includes how often you visit the site along with the time factor. Preferably use incognito mode when checking ticket prices so that no cookies are added to your account.

Avoid group bookings

Let’s say if you are going to book using a coupon or using a company’s offer of a certain percentage discount, then the discount amount is fixed in advance. If you book a single ticket, you get the discount on a smaller amount and the cost is reduced. But if you are doing a group booking, the same amount of discount is applicable and the price does not differ much. Maybe you won’t be able to sit together which can be a problem but if you book others at the same time from different devices then this problem will also be solved.

Stay Up To Date

Many airlines are giving information about various offers through their social media. If your plan is to go for a walk, keep checking the websites and social media pages of these companies from time to time.

Along with flights, you can also save a lot of money if you make advance bookings for hotels and sightseeing spots. Happy journey in advance for your next trip!

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