Indian Students Forced To Buy Tickets For Rs 2 Lakh After Etihad Cancels Bookings On US Flights

Several Indian students who were scheduled to travel to the US on Thursday were in a rude shock after Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways canceled their flight bookings, without giving them alternative options.

Several passengers who were to fly on Etihad Airways flights from Mumbai and Bengaluru alleged that their flight bookings were canceled at the last minute, while they were already at the airport.

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What the passengers had to go through

“Do you understand what is going on currently at the Mumbai Airport just look at the scenario right now. Have some humanity people are standing past 4 hrs with no answer from the airlines. Over booking and all these things are your customer service seriously?, ” the Twitter user wrote.

Offered another flight after four days

Other passengers also shared similar experiences in both Mumbai and Bengaluru airports on Thursday.

A passenger who was traveling with his family alleged that he was asked to vacate the hotel room and was offered a flight only after four days.

Many others also said that they were offered alternative flights after 4-5 days.

New tickets cost around Rs 2 lakh

But since most of them were students, whose classes were about to start, they had no option, but to buy a new ticket on a different airline at a much higher rate.

According to a report by The Times of India, the students had to pay as much as Rs 2 lakh for a one-way ticket to New York on Thursday, which is more than double what many had paid for their Etihad booking.

etihad airways

Etihad blames payload restrictions

The airline has blamed payload restrictions for offloading passengers.

“As a result of operational payload restrictions, Etihad has been forced to reduce the number of flyers on flights from Abu Dhabi to New York on August 4,” an Etihad spokesperson said.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways is the second flag carrier airline of the United Arab Emirates after Emirates.

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