Woman Camps Outside Boyfriend’s Hotel Room To Catch Him Cheating

A viral TikTok video is showing the lengths one woman and her friends went to catch a man who they believed was cheating on one of the girls in the group.

TikToker LoveBrielle and her pals recorded their interesting approach to a girl’s night, generating quite the reaction on the app.

The women camped out in a hotel room to catch the cheating boyfriend.

In the first part of the video Brielle posted, it shows her filming her friend, who’s kneeling, waiting to catch her boyfriend and their third friend mixing drinks while they wait on the hallway floor.

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The caption on the video read, “Waiting to catch him cheating,” which shows them getting ready with their phones.

Commenters largely praised the three girls with Benefit Cosmetics even saying, “Never been more proud of the sisterhood.”

But one comment exclaimed how sad this was, saying, “These men that aren’t worth it legit have girls drinking on the floor putting their time into him yet again…”

Some agreed to this, saying this will boost this man’s ego for being exposed on a viral level, which can have a dangerous effect.


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