Review: Brussels Airlines “The Loft” Lounge (BRU)

Officially called THE LOFT by Brussels Airlines and Lexus, this Schengen lounge at Brussels Airport (BRU) is the flagship lounge of Brussels Airlines and offers a number of nice amenities and space to spread out in one of Europe’s most depressing major airports.

Brussels Airlines “The Loft” Lounge Review

I’m not a fan of Brussels Airport… I find the gate areas sterile and uncomfortable and the crowding and hot air tedious. But there’s relief available in The Loft, which is the main lounge for Brussels Airlines.

Location + Access + Hours

Located in Pier A across from gate A42, this lounge is open daily from 5:00 am to 8:30 pm (unless the last flight departs earlier). Access is reserved for the following passengers:

  • Business Class passenger
  • HON Circle members
  • Star Alliance Gold members
  • Miles & More Frequent Travelers (but not other Star Alliance Silver members)

Paid access is also available for € 39 during off-peak hours to economy class passengers (maximum stay three hours). Those traveling on Economy Flex or Premium Economy tickets can purchase access at a reduced price of € 29.

Take the stairs or escalator up one level from departures to find the lounge entrance.

Design + Seating

Brussels Airlines partnered with Lexus to design this lounge. Inspired by Japan, Brussels Airlines explains:

We have teamed up with Lexus to bring you its finest luxury and design in The Lexus Experience area, inspired by Japan’s finest traditions of omotenashi, the art of hospitality. This ancient Japanese philosophy of treating every visitor as a valued guest in one’s own home is one of the core values ​​of our partner Lexus.

The lounge is L-shaped and as you enter you can go straight in or head right for seating areas of the lounge. At 8:00 am, the lounge was packed. By 9:30 am, the lounge was mostly empty.

Seating includes couches, chairs, and a room with desks in the rear.

Work area with desks in rear of Brussels The Loft lounge
The work area includes a pair of “Skype” booths to make phone calls

Plugs are widely available and universal, making it unnecessary to break out your adapter if traveling from overseas.

Food + Drink

Food and beverages are available in two different areas of the lounge. Aramark provides the catering and the breakfast spread during my visit included scrambled eggs,

Coffee from Belgian family-owned Rombouts is available, though sadly only from automatic machines. The coffee itself is good, but it would be great to see a better machine and barista to make the coffee.

Later in the day, Belgian chocolates are available in the Neuhaus Corner.

The Spa

The spa are of the lounge includes:

  • nap rooms
  • massage chairs
  • showers
  • restrooms
  • baby changing are

Showers + Restrooms

The “spa” is presented by Grohe and includes showers and restrooms with deluxe Grohe toilets (with a bidet and other options).

The shower area is upon request – see a lounge attendant for access.

Sleeping Area + Massage Chairs

Also in the spa area are several sleeping rooms (available on a first-come, first-served basis) and a pair of massage chairs. I did not notice any pillows or blankets and the bed was very firm, making this area best for a quick nap rather than extended stay.

HON Circle Area

Behind a roped off area is a special section of the lounge reserved for HON Circle members of the Miles & More program. It’s sponsored by Miele and includes a Miele kitchen (though the food and drinks are otherwise the same). There’s a dedicated seating area as well. It remained empty during my visit.

I stepped over the rope to take these pictures and was quickly shooed away by a member of lounge staff…

The Sponsored Lounge

I’ve never seen a more “sponsored” lounge than this one. It’s an interesting concept that I am surprised we do not see more of. Throuhgout the lounge you’ll see logos for Lexus, Miele, Rombouts, Grohe, Neuhaus, and others. I’d imagine, though I am just speculating, that these brand placements were in exchange for not only the products (like the Grohe showers and toilets), but probably for some recurring royalties as well.

I don’t necessarily want to see brand logos plastering lounges in the USA, but that may be something to look for in the future and may be a way for airlines to offer better amenities without having to spend for it.


I quite like this lounge and find it a fitting flagship for Brussels Airlines. More than just a welcome relief from the terminal, it offers superb amenities, plenty of space to spread out, and great food and drink.

This is part of my Solemn Trip to Poland trip report.

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