I worked at a hotel for years & there are 5 things I’d never do – stay away from the bedspreads & water glasses

WHEN you check into a hotel, you want to immediately unwind and feel pampered.

But one former hotel employee said there are a few things you should take note of before you kick up your feet and relax in the plush bed.


A former hotel employee revealed five things she would never doCredit: TikTok
The bedspreads aren't as clean as you might think


The bedspreads aren’t as clean as you might thinkCredit: Getty

A woman named Evangeline, who goes by @queenevangeline25 on TikTok, said she learned a lot from her experience working in a hotel.

There are five things she would never do thanks to what she saw.


“If there is more than one person staying in the room, I would never not add their name on the reservation.”

Evangeline said the person left out of the title won’t be able to enter the room without you.

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“If you, the primary person happens to be gone and the other person gets locked out and they go to the front desk – if their name isn’t on the reservation, they don’t get the key.”


Her second word of advice was to hold off on using the television remote until you’ve wiped it down first with your own Clorox wipe.

You never know how many sticky fingers have touched the device, and the housekeepers may have forgotten to give it a proper clean.


Although the paper cups are usually a safe bet in terms of cleanliness, the glass ones are more questionable.

“I would never use them without washing them first.”


Many of us choose to ignore the hotel point programs offered to us.

But Evangeline said that’s a mistake.

“Back in the day you used to really have to let some of the points accumulate to actually use them for something good.

“But these days they actually allow you to use them for other things, such as Amazon points.”


Her fifth warning was to avoid the bedspread at all costs.

“I would never sit on the bedspread. I would never make myself comfortable on the bed spread.

“That thing comes off the first minute I walk into the hotel. Those things are not washed often.”

She noted that the upscale hotels are better about the bedspreads nowadays, because they use flat sheets that are easily washed – so you should be safe there.

“But if they are actual bedspreads, those things get cleaned maybe once a year.”

Viewers agreed with her takes:

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“I worked housekeeping for years and I would never stay at a hotel without cleaning the entire room myself,” one person wrote.

“Bedspread and decorative pillows come off immediately,” chimed another.

Remote controls carry so many germs


Remote controls carry so many germsCredit: Getty

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