10 Caribbean Overwater Bungalows For A Dream Vacation

A vacation is a perfect strategy to escape life’s daily hustle and bustle. However, it’s vital to choose an ideal destination that is fun yet relaxing. The Caribbean is a perfect destination for travelers looking for diverse cultures, fun, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and unparalleled experiences. Whether traveling for an anniversary celebration, honeymoon, or romantic getaway in the Caribbean, overwater bungalows are an ultimate choice for utmost privacy, excellent customer service, and spectacular oceanic views. For a memorable vacation in the Caribbean, here are ten overwater bungalows to choose from.

10 Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort is an adults-only, five-star getaway in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The resort offers a tranquil, luxury stay with bungalows featuring floating water hammocks, outdoor showers, sun loungers, and an extended sun deck. Additionally, the see-through glass floor panel design allows guests to experience the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and mesmerizing marine life from the comfort of their luxurious suites. The resort has a wide range of amenities, including a fitness center, world-class restaurants, bars with large premium liquor options, and regularly hosted activities. Visitors can also participate in scuba diving, swimming, boating, and snorkeling.

  • Price:
    Around $498 Per Night

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9 Sandals South Coast Resort

Located on Jamaica’s south coast, Sandal South Coast Resort is an ideal location for a romantic getaway. Its architectural design appears to form a heart floating in azure waters. The all-inclusive resort offers guests spectacular overwater water bungalows that provide an outstanding connection to the Caribbean Sea. The luxurious feel of each bungalow is complemented by vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, and a hand-crafted king-sized bed. Guests can also take advantage of outdoor activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

  • Price:
    Around $108 Per Night

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8 Punta Caraco Acqua Lodge

This is the perfect destination for family getaways, romantic trips, and honeymoons. The resort offers magnificent overwater bungalows established within a beautiful natural setting. The bungalows are two story spacious suites, perfectly designed with stairs to enable access to the green, crystal-clear water of the Caribbean. Guests can enjoy the incredible view of the bay from the upper room through a customized window. The bungalows feature amenities such as a hammock, solarium platform, and a hanging chair. Visitors can take advantage of fun activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, boating, and dolphin watching.

7 Lina Point Belize

Lina Point Belize is in the town of San Pedro on the Island of Ambergris. The resort offers its guests state-of-the-art bungalows with spectacular sea views and beautiful family rooms featuring “aquarium windows.” Each room is furnished with private balconies to enjoy beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. Moreover, bungalows are equipped with private pools for swimming.

  • Price:
    From $150 Per Night

6 Thatch Kaye Resort

Thatch Kaye is located on a private island off the coast of Dangriga, Belize. The resort offers its guests overwater bungalows in picturesque locations. Visitors can enjoy the warm breezes of the island while relaxing in a hammock on their private patio. For ultimate soul rejuvenation, rooms are not furnished with Wi-Fi or TV. After clearing the mind, quests can create time to enjoy available outdoor activities such as scuba diving.

  • Price:
    Around $340 Per Night

5 Coco View Resort, Honduras

Coco View is ideal for tourists looking for authentic, romantic overwater bungalows. The resort offers spacious overwater bungalows, perfectly air-conditioned to ensure ultimate comfort. Guests can enjoy the panoramic views of the Caribbean from the private porch or decide to experience the gentle ocean breezes while relaxing in a hammock.

  • Price:
    Around $225 Per Night

4 Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Sandals Grande St. Luciana provides eye-catching overwater bungalows ideal for honeymoons. The suites are perfectly crafted with glass floor panels to ensure that guests enjoy the breathtaking views. In addition, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the ocean from private soaking tubs or overwater hammocks. Sandals Grande St. Lucian bungalows allow guests to enjoy ultimate privacy while admiring the sunset at the beautifully designed outdoor patio. Guests can also enjoy outdoor water activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and waterskiing.

  • Price:
    From $345 Per Night

3 Anthony’s Key Resort, Honduras

Anthony’s place in Roatan, Honduras, is a magnificent destination ideal for peaceful yet fun getaways. The all-inclusive resort offers its guests stunning bungalows whose authenticity promotes Roatan’s culture. Hillside overwater bungalows are designed with ample space, best for families and groups. In addition, the suites have private decks for enjoying the phenomenal views of the Caribbean waters. After a tiring scuba diving day, visitors can rest and relax at the Ixora Spa.

  • Price:
    From $360 Per Night

2 St. George’s Caye Resort

St. George Caye is a peaceful resort with excellent customer service in Belize City. The resort offers unique yet elegant overwater bungalows designed using Belizean hardwoods and traditionally thatched roofs. The suites feature a private porch with a hammock, private baths, and air conditioners. Bungalow’s ideal locations allow guests to enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and incredible sunsets.

  • Price:
    Around $454 Per Night

1 Aruba Ocean Villas

The resort is ideal for engagements, anniversary celebrations, romantic getaways, and honeymoons due to its commendable focus on quality over quantity. The bungalows are well-designed to allow guests to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and breathtaking panoramic views of the Caribbean.

  • Price:
    From $900 per night

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