What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick During A Family Vacation

No parent ever wants their child to be ill, even if they are in the comfort of their own home. They want their child to be in perfect health, at all times, and they do anything to make sure that they get better as quickly as possible. This is seemingly easy when you are at home with your sick child.

This all changes when you are on a family vacation, and they fall ill. You are no longer in the comfort of your own home. You may be in an exotic place, and unsure of where you can get the things they may need to feel better. You may be worried because you know your child would rather be at home, in their own bed, so you feel guilty that they are so uncomfortable.

The most important thing to do when your child is sick on vacation is to remain calm. If you are calm, it is going to be easier for your child to remain calm. Then, there are some other things you can do to try and get them on the road to healing as quickly as possible to hopefully enjoy the rest of your trip.

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Be Prepared

If you are reading this before you go on vacation because you want to be prepared for anything, there are a few things you can do to try and prevent your child from feeling ill or make sure that you have what you will need.

According to Parents, it is important that you bring an emergency kit with you. This may include medications, and other supplies you will need. This will be helpful if you are going to a foreign country, and are unsure if you would be able to find things like Tylenol. However, even if you are going somewhere within the US, it saves you from having to find your way to a drug store in a city you don’t know.

It is also important to be prepared for the most common ailments that may happen when you are away. Prepare for a cold, a stomach bug, food poisoning and motion sickness. Going through a checklist of each illness and what you need can help you feel prepared for anything.

Need A Doctor?

Another big concern for families when traveling is that their child may get so ill that they need a medical provider. That may need a prescription, and mom may not be sure what she can do about that.

According to Health Talk, your child’s doctor is still their doctor when you are on vacation. You can give your child’s doctor a call, and explain that you are on vacation, but you would like to speak to them. If they can’t get to the phone right away, you can probably leave a number where they can call you back. They should be able to hear what is happening, and provide some instructions for you.

If you have to visit a nearby ER room, make sure you familiarize yourself with them when you arrive. When you arrive at your destination, part of your orientation should be familiarizing yourself with how to get emergency medical care, and where the nearest hospital is. If you are worried about a language barrier, look into if they have translators, or even illustrate what the problem is so that you can communicate it with the doctors.

Adjust Your Itinerary

If your child gets sick on the first day of vacation, the rest of your trip is likely to change. Even if you have preplanned and prepaid for tours and activities, you may need to make some adjustments. According to To And Fro Fam, you cannot expect your child who is ill to go on these tours. They probably want to stay in the hotel room until they feel better. If you have a partner and older children, you can still take them out and one of you can stay home with your child. You can take turns going on outings so that everyone gets to experience something.

It may “suck,” but the health of your child is the most important thing, and that takes priority. It doesn’t mean that your vacation was “ruined,” and thinking so can make your child feel bad when it’s not their fault. All it means is that plans have changed, and hopefully with some rest and relaxation, your child will feel better in no time, and you can enjoy the rest of the vacation together as a family.

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