Wendy Rush’s Disneyland California Vacation

It’s been a long time since I went anywhere on vacation for a week. It was definitely before little Z was born. So this year we decided to pack up and head to my home state of California! My sister lives in the Paso Robles area, 20 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from wine country. A California vacation! What a perfect choice! While I skipped the wine tours this time (mom life), we did plenty of the beach and even a 2-day trip down to Disneyland. I planned the trip for quite a while and pride myself for doing it quite frugally without sacrificing fun or comfort. I looked on booking sites every day for a month to get the best flights, the best hotel in Anaheim and the best deal on a rental car. And thanks to my sister, Debbie, we saved even more by borrowing her car (with AMAZING gas mileage…bonus with those California gas prices).

Our California vacation started with a flight out of Vegas on a Friday night. Allegiant Airlines flies in Santa Maria, which is about an hour away from where my sister lives. Of course, we hit the beach first! About 20 minutes from sis’s house is Morro Bay with the famous Embarcadero. After some time in the sand, we hit the walk and tried all the local favorites. Ice cream, taffy and of course the garlic fries and fish n’ chips at Giovanni’s. Then we hit the road and took a sunset drive down the road Pacific Coast Highway that Anaheim. It was a lovely drive, until I got into the Los Angeles area after dark. I forgot how confusing all those freeways can be!

We landed at our hotel (well, motel, technically but definitely nicer than your standard motel) pretty late. The Kings Inn in Anaheim. The perfect balance of accommodation, location and price! Not too expensive and still within walking distance from Disneyland. The next day we hit the ground running Disneyland. It was Z’s first time as a “big kid” (over 7 years old, above 48″) so she broke in all the big rides. Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, Space Mountain. We ate all the favorites like the popcorn, cotton candy and of course the Down Whip! And we got autographs. So…many…autographs. Z didn’t want to stand in long lines for the rides, but she would wait all day for an autograph from her favorite characters. After a hot chocolate and the Mainstreet Electrical Paradewe headed back to the hotel.

Day two of ours Anaheim California vacation was for Disney California Adventure Park. Immediately we hit the Incredicoaster. It was SO fun that we went on twice and would have done it again if I didn’t get sick. I know. Such a buzz kill. I had to find a sprite after the second ride while Z ate a huge ice cream sundae, totally unaffected by the twists and turns of the Incredicoaster. After I felt better, we did a few more rides and even MORE autographs. Dinner had to be on the Pacific Wharf. The bread bowl is a tradition. You can’t beat that yummy soup at that sunset view! After we left, we headed back up to the central coast for even more beach fun! It was quite cold in the Morro Bay area (60’s during the day!) so we grabbed some wetsuits to teach Z how to boogie board.

All in all, we had a great time on our California vacation! Until next time!

–Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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