Chinese Lunis Proposes Drastic Rule Changes For Second Edition

Chinese moons

a week after the end of the first edition of famous hotel Who gave the winner to Alex Caniggia, co-host of the reality show Leander the Chinese Lunis, I proposed drastic changes to the rules for the second season of the program, which could change the strategies of the participants, leaving the physical ability that sanctified the son of the bird.

“The issue of people’s voting, I would like. We’ll have to see how to do that. In the end it could happen”, said in lame Pumpita’s companions and recognized that being recorded well in advance, that there is a definition by the public that would provide credibility.

Emphasizing, I said: “I want the public to have an impact. All the time they told me: ‘It’s fixed’. And I think it’s connected with the passion that the program generates.” In addition, he said that in his opinion, participants should eliminate the trips from abroad they receive, thus increasing the isolation, as competitors will only have contact with drivers and hotel managers and heads. who help and train them. in daily tasks.

The Hotel de los Famosos. Martin Salve and Alex Caniggia in the final of

hello martinwho was a finalist with Alex, spoke a few days earlier and described that instance of the game as “the least exciting” of his life, adding: “I left True sad because, after four months, of all the effort, Last to reach … It was like closing something that had a lot, without anything“, I indicated. There Angel de Brito asked him if he had not won any prizes for runner-up.”Or they gave me something, nothing. Neither a bicycle, nor a microwave that would be great, nor a souvenir. year,

At the end of the “H”, which made him a creditor of ten million pesos, the son of Mariana Nannis, who became a lover with Melody Luz on the program, said: “I am very happy, I am very happy. So many days, weeks, months with good times, bad times, sweat, blood, resentment… It was a unique experience, incomparable, that will always be in my heart. This The reality show changed my life, I am another human being. This is the first reality show that I have won, after all, p… mama!”

A few hours before the grand finale, Diego GuebelPresident of boxfish I told teleshow: “This first edition met and exceeded expectations Production company in terms of production quality, executing a completely new format developed by us. We also understand that it meets the audience’s expectations of the relevance and quality that El Tress has always demanded.”

Asked if there would be a second edition, he said: “It seems that yes, that Hotel will have a second season this year, so we’re starting to contact some contestants who might interest usHe also left the doors open for changes: “All formats develop in different ways. It’s still premature to be able to predict what changes the format might bring in future seasons. On the road What happened, public opinion, bigotry, in favor or against the participants, these are signs that the public was engaged and passionate about the program. Always the first version experience, we use it in the following. The question of ‘outside’, although it is not conclusive, it will exist.”

In addition, the producer stated that there are several countries interested in the material: “We are in talks with several broadcasters in different countries and also with distributors of formats with a global reach who are interested in the formatThe space we are using within these conversations is also likely to be a production center.

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