Vacation Magnets!

It seems that every time I visit places on vacation of not I always lean towards purchasing a Magnet for my refrigerator as a Souvenir. Some people buy hats or shirts, but for me it’s a magnet, and I always get one for my Mom. I don’t have many ’cause I like stay-cations but when I do travel, I always like to bring back a little something for me, and it always flashes me back if it’s in front of me on my refrigerator!! LOL

Have a wonderful summer vacation wherever you and your family will be at !!


Hey friends, I just wanted everyone to know besides this post, you should know about me. I play Rock and Roll on 93.3 WMMR Week Nights from 7p-12a with so many cool features. We have Concert Spotlight Warmups for all bands in town with daily Jacky Bam Bam Juke Box History, with Birthdays, Deaths, Anniversaries, Single releases Album Releases, Remix Releases and so much more. We explore more music than anyone on the radio. I host a highly interactive show during the week. Music has no expiration date with me with many styles and genres. We punch in our Fulltime Vampire Union Cards at 7p!!! Be ready to Rock and Roll!!

Some of the weeknight features include our Philadelphia Mummers 7th Inning Strut at 10p a lucky listener calls in to lead our Mummers around City Hall!! It’s a Philadelphia Tradition and not just on New Year’s Day we do it all year long!! Metallica Mondays, we have a block of Metallica going for launch at 9p with 3 to 4 songs with sometimes adding in a Bonus Prize Coffin Opening as I turn myself into Captain Coffin. Also, on Monday’s at 11p we crank up an obligatory Motley Song coming from The Crue!! Motley Crue of course.

Tuesdays at 11p we have our daily Tuesday Bluesday Fix including new and old Blues Artists with History of the track being played.

Midweek Drackyness is all about the Mid Point Of The Work Week meaning it’s a Wednesday and we gas up the Way Back Wednesday Time Travel Machine at 11p taking us back to a special time for an Anniversary or Birthday Salute or maybe a Post-Concert Spot Light Track to get you home safely from one of our many WMMR Concert Events.

On Thursday I like to call them Friday-Eves it makes it sound so much better as we hit the home stretch towards the weekend! We are “Under The Influence” at 11p we take you Undercover with the same song done 2 different ways!! All of our Week Night 11p features bring us to our Honor Roll Call which listeners text in Monday through Friday and we shout all walks of life back at 11:20p and on Thursdays we have our listeners dial them in and we do it live with live phone calls on the air!!

The final Day of The Week is YOU Call It Friday Night by requesting and suggesting your favorite songs from my personnel collection and the massive vaults of The WMMR Archives. We take a 5 hour Musical Journey with many gems and chestnuts, my specialties. Please be patient it is a one man gang and I will do my best to get to everybody but not every one will make it on the air. Thanks for being a True Music Lover that’s why you are inside my Drack Pack and I really appreciate it.

As you know I am a Rolling Stones Fan, Love Vinyl 45’s, 33RPMS even 78’s and Cassettes and 8-Tracks and I collect T-Shirts!! lol Hope to see you soon at my next WMMR Appearance in your town!! They are all listed on my socials @jackybambam933 and at!! Thanks for visiting and reading my daily posts! See you around the hood!! xo JACKY BAM BAM

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