Perth Airport power outage: Some flights resume after cancellations due to storm blackout

UPDATE: Perth Airport said its “critical services” were back online on Tuesday night and departing flights were set to return, only a short time after it sent passengers home, telling them flights were cancelled.

The airport told its passengers to go home and declared all flights were canceled due to power outages “out of their control”, but by 8pm, it changed its mind.

“With critical services back on ine, Perth Airport is now able to process some passengers through the outbound security processes,” a statement said.

“However it will take some time to clear the backlog of delayed services.”

By 10pm on Tuesday, the airport said it was working to activate its systems across its terminals in order to become fully-operational following delays and cancellations across the airline networks.

Passengers were warned some airlines could still decide to cancel and reschedule flights.

“We ask passengers for their continued patience as our team and our airline partners work to get flights underway,” the airport said.

Camera IconPerth Airport has experienced a major power outage. Justin Benson-Cooper Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

Travelers sitting in the dark with only torches to light their way were told just before 6.30pm on Monday, that all flights — except for the QF9 London to Perth direct flight — had to be cancelled.

Severe storms hitting Perth shut all the power down at the airport in what some experienced staff have never seen before.

Disgruntled passengers battled with freshly unloaded luggage as torrential wind and rain pelted them as they left the airport to board taxis.

Perth Airport announced the news about 5.15pm, warning that a power outage would result in lengthy delays for the next two hours.

The airport apologized to passengers, some of whom are understood to be stranded at other airports because they’re unable to land in Perth.

Angela and Han Nguyen were two travelers at Perth Airport during the major power outage.
Camera IconAngela and Han Nguyen were two travelers at Perth Airport during the major power outage. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

“The safety of everyone who works in or is traveling through our airport remains our highest priority,” the airport said.

“We apologise to our passengers and customers for any inconvenience.”

Perth Airport said the decision to cancel flights earlier in the evening was made based on the advice of Western Power.

“Perth Airport has made the decision to delay all outbound services currently scheduled to depart before 7.30pm,” the statement said.

“All enroute inbound flights will be able to arrive safely. All scheduled flights into Perth which have not yet departed will be delayed until further notice.”

Hundreds of people were still crowding around baggage carousels at 7.30pm waiting for luggage to be unloaded from aircrafts.

Passengers in the Qantas terminal were reminded to stay patient while a “technical issue” prevented people from rebooking flights, as staff handed out water and chips to affected travelers.

A team in Sydney is currently working to “uncheck” passengers so flights can be rebooked. “Please be patient and go home, rebook from home as I’ve been advised delays could take up to another two hours,” staff announced.

Perth Airport has experienced a major power outage.
Camera IconPerth Airport has experienced a major power outage. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

Qantas Passengers Angela and Han Nguyen hoped to be on a flight to Sydney for a three-day work event.

Ms Nguyen, who is pregnant, said at about 3pm they were aware of flight delays.

“We were sitting in the lounge upstairs getting notifications from staff that it was out of their control and they had no idea what was happening,” she said.

“Staff working for 20 years told us they’d seen nothing like this.”

While “disappointed”, the couple said they were glad they could return to their Attadale home.

The lights came back on shortly before 7pm.

The airport was plunged into darkness.
Camera IconThe airport was plunged into darkness. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

Passengers were told to leave as soon as their bags were collected and Perth visitors were told to find their own accommodation. Car park shelters were packed, as people waited to be picked up by transport services.

Melbourne woman Caren Vidler said she had no idea what to do as she frantically tried to find a bed for the night.

She was on her way to London when she was stopped at immigration and told her flight was canceled. if I can’t watch them, this was the whole purpose of my trip.” “I’ve never experienced this before, I don’t know anyone in Perth…I’m going to need a bed for the night.”

Passengers queue for their luggage.
Camera IconPassengers queue for their luggage. Credit: Justin Benson-Cooper/The West Australian

Western Power says emergency crews are working hard in difficult conditions to restore power across Perth.

“Damaging and destructive winds associated with the front have thrown debris, including tree branches, into the network, damaging equipment and bringing down powerlines,” a spokesperson said.

“Our priority during the storm is responding to reported hazards to ensure the safety of the community and our crews.

“Our network operations team is working to isolate damaged parts of the network and back feed where possible to restore power where it is safe to do so.”


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