Hotel reservations, Getaroom, hotel booking scams class action lawsuit investigation

Consumers charged hotel billing and cancellation fees by click-bait sites: Who’s affected?

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Did you try to book directly through a hotel’s website but were instead taken to a third party site like, or that charged additional fees? Were you hit with unfair cancellation policies or even unable to cancel at all?

Searching for hotel availability involves swimming through a lot of third party sites that may seem untrustworthy or charge extra fees, so many people purposely choose to go directly to a hotel’s website instead of avoiding these kinds of issues.

However, more and more people are finding that even when they attempt to book a hotel stay directly through the hotel’s website, they are rerouted to a third party site. These sites may charge additional fees and can make it difficult or impossible to cancel a reservation.

These third party hotel booking sites include:

  • Others

Consumers have posted countless complaints about these third party hotel reservation sites online. For example, has been called “a scam” that uses “fraud” to make money.

According to customers on, has charged upwards of $70 in extra fees. Furthermore, they say the company often refuses to allow hotel reservation cancellations or refunds even when customers have contacted the company immediately after realizing they had booked through the third party site instead of the hotel itself.

Do You Qualify?

Did you try to book a hotel stay directly through the hotel’s website but instead were rerouted to a predatory third party site? Were you charged extra fees or refused cancellation requests by one of these websites?

  • Others

If so, you may be able to join this hotel billing and cancellation class action lawsuit investigation and pursue compensation.

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Third party hotel reservation sites

Predatory third party hotel reservation websites can disguise themselves to make it look like you are booking directly through the hotel website itself, giving it an air of legitimacy. Customers say they have later realized that their reservation is not through the hotel itself, and they’ve been charged extra fees or find they can’t cancel the booking.

When consumers attempt to go to the hotel to resolve an issue with fees, cancellations, and more, they are redirected back to the third party booking site they actually made the booking with, which typically has significantly worse cancellation policies than the hotel itself, customers report

Getaroom,, others face consumer complaints

A growing number of consumers are posting complaints of these kinds of predatory practices with third party hotel reservation sites (including,, and on review sites.

Most of the reviews for begin the same way: with people going to what they thought was the hotel’s website but unknowingly ending up on instead.

On the review site Trustpilot, one consumer posted that they booked a room on what they “thought was the hotel’s website,” but when they received confirmation with an “inflated amount” and called immediately, they were “told it was not refundable.” The customer called the website and situation as a whole “very deceptive.”

On top of the sheer volume of complaints, another concern is that customers say that when attempting to call or email, they received either no or unsatisfactory responses. In many cases, it appears that only after posting a complaint on Trustpilot did anyone from reach out to resolve the issue.

Consumers have posted similar complaints about

Join a hotel billing, cancellation class action lawsuit investigation

Predatory third party hotel reservation websites should be held accountable for their practices, including fees and cancellation policies.

If you unintentionally booked a hotel stay through a third party website instead of directly through the hotel, you may qualify to participate in this hotel billing, cancellation class action lawsuit investigation.

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