EAA AirVenture, Old Glory Honor Flight and American Airlines host Yellow Ribbon Honor Flight to honor Vietnam veterans

OSHKOSH – When Patrick Sullivan returned to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC on Friday, he walked parallel to the sprawling monument, stopping at the panel labeled 59 W.

There, Sullivan took a step he said he was not ready to take five years ago when he and his family visited the wall on the 50th anniversary of his brother’s death: He took tracing paper, placed it over his brother’s name and lightly rubbed his pencil over the inscription, creating his very own copy of the etching of his brother’s name.

Sullivan, a native of Pulaski, is a US Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War from 1964-1970. While Sullivan was stationed in Germany, his brother di lui Mikal was serving in Vietnam and died there on June 6, 1968.

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