Turkish Airlines Launches Its Carbon Offsetting Scheme

Turkish Airlines launched its carbon offsetting scheme on Monday. The program, called Co2mission, gives passengers the opportunity to counter the CO2 emissions from their flights.

The carrier, which recently had the busiest day in its operating history, carrying over 260,000 passengers, launched the program in a bid to contribute to the fight against climate change and to reduce some of the adverse environmental impacts of air travel.

The Istanbul-based airline revealed the launch on its Twitter account:


Turkish Airlines’ chairman of the board and executive committee, Ahmet Bolat, celebrated the initiative, stating,

“We are continuing to take the initiative to combat climate change, which stands at the forefront of today’s global problems. Soon, we will add another to our sustainability-focused projects which are proving themselves with successful results. The projects supported by the carbon offset program will also show our heartfelt commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The decision to implement this program is the result of our desire to conduct all our operations responsibly. I am sure that our passengers will also show great interest in the program with the knowledge that all of us are responsible for this beautiful world we share. “

How does the scheme work?

During the booking process, in addition to on the THY Co2mission platform after booking, passengers can calculate the carbon offset amount using the methodology provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This takes into account several factors, including route length, aircraft type, and fuel consumption.

With this in mind, passengers can then contribute the amount of their choice to the Co2mission program, and select which carbon offsetting project they would like the money to be put towards.

Turkish Airlines operates a modern fleet of 383 aircraft. Photo: Turkish Airlines

Carbon offsetting projects

The money generated as part of the Co2mission program will be used to support various carbon offsetting projects, including renewable energy and afforestation.

Among the renewable energy projects is the Gezin Solar Power Project located in the Elazığ province of Türkiye, which aims to generate electricity to feed the country’s national grid.

All projects have been accredited by the global Gold Standard certification process, and passengers can select their preferred project when making the payment.

Passengers can contribute towards carbon offsetting schemes during or after booking. Photo: Getty Images

Turkish Airlines is not the only carrier to launch a carbon offsetting program recently, and sustainability continues to be a growing area of ​​focus for many airlines worldwide. Earlier this year, both Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines followed in the footsteps of parent carrier Lufthansa by implementing their own carbon-neutral booking option.

And in July, Singapore Airlines launched sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits, allowing passengers to contribute to the level of SAF carried on their flights.

What do you think of Turkish Airlines’ carbon offsetting scheme? Will you be contributing to it next time you book tickets? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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