Mom Blasted for Excluding Stepchild From Disney Trip: ‘Drives Me Mad’

A stepmom has taken to the internet to share her frustration after the booking of a trip to Paris backfired.

Sharing the story on the discussion site Mumsnet on Sunday, user SomeSortOfName explained that she had arranged with a friend to take their toddlers to Disneyland Paris for two nights in 2023.

But after booking the trip, the woman’s husband was upset—pointing out that her stepchild was not invited and suggesting that the trip was “unfair.”

Far from the only stepmom to express frustration online, earlier in 2022 a woman sparked debate after admitting she didn’t want to spend time with her stepkids. Meanwhile, another woman was praised last week when she confessed that she finds stepparenting “unnatural.”

A stock image of a woman strapping in her toddler for a trip, left, and a picture of a the Disneyland Paris sign, right. The internet has dragged a mom who booked a trip to Disneyland and excluded her stepchild.
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Data from the US Census Bureau indicated that there are more than 2 million children living with a stepparent, while information from the website Smart Stepfamilies reported that an estimated 40 percent of married couples with children in the US are “step couples” (where at least one partner had a child from a previous relationship).

With more than 180 replies, the Mumsnet user continued to explain the argument and wrote: “[I] was with a friend yesterday and we have spoken loads before about booking a few days away with our toddlers to Disney Paris. Talking about it again yesterday, [we] decided to book it as we found a good deal. It’s only two nights and is during term time 2023.

“[I] told my husband when I got home and he’s sulking because my stepchild has never been and it’s unfair [so] I should have spoken with him so we could have arranged to go together. Am I being unreasonable to think this is so ridiculous?”

She continued to explain that there is a large age gap between her toddler and stepchild, so it would be difficult to have a trip that pleased both children.

“Secondly, it’s a couple of days in a year’s time,” she explained. “I didn’t think I needed his permission or that he’d even care. I paid with my own money. Thirdly, he’s never expressed any desire to go and we still can if he’s that bothered, there’s no rule to say you can only go once in your life. It drives me mad.”

But in the replies, Mumsnet users sided with the husband and dragged the stepmom for her actions. “I kinda get it,” said one reply. “Disney is a big deal for kids isn’t it. I think even if I didn’t have a stepchild if my partner booked to go away with our little one I’d be kinda gutted I wasn’t there for their first time going.”

“While I don’t think you’re unreasonable taking your toddler, I do find it odd that you didn’t mention it to your husband at all before booking,” said another reply.

“He’s right,” said another Mumsnet user. “Always treat all children the same.”

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