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Monrovia – A group of German Investors, is poised, to shift the tourism industry in Liberia, for the first time in 175 years, by constructing ecovillages, in Little Bassa, Grand Bassa County, to lure thousands of tourists, visitors, residents, and citizens of Liberia.

Liberia, Africa’s first constitutional Republic that declared independence (as a free state) in 1847, is abundantly endowed with natural resources, wonderful beaches, wild-packed national parks, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and islands.

The West African nation is also known for its incredible artifacts, rich, diverse traditions and culture, its delicacies, and scenic geographical features that could serve as potential reasons to coax (attract) visitors from the world over.

The German investors, under the organization of THESAURUM TRAVEL AGENCY Ltd., headed by Mr. Jürgen Bertram, are expected to acquire about 500 acres of land to build the first 50 out of the 500 eco-friendly bungalows.

The construction and landscaping of the Eco Beach Resort known as “LA-LIMBA-LUNA“ are expected to last for about five months, from December 2022 to April 2023.

The Germans are intending to properly re-brand tourism with an inclination of public-private investment with the people and Government of Liberia to build the first large Eco Village or Eco Beach Resort “LA-LIMBA-LUNA” that could lead to jobs creation and expansion of local businesses as well as provide social benefits in terms of schools, health centers, roads, scholarships and among others to the communities.

The to-be World-Class Vacation Resort, will exquisitely be a European-style ECO Beach Resort and an eco-friendly vacation resort in Liberia.

“The first bungalows are expected and set up at the beginning of the dry season. The first set of guests is expected next year April and several bungalows have already been ordered by German buyers. It is an exclusive and unique concept for Liberia and all of Africa, the THESAURUM TRAVEL AGENCY Ltd. said in its press statement on Wednesday.

Accordingly, the Little Bassa Eco Beach Resort “LA-LIMBA-LUNA“ will be an exclusive accommodation that maintains untouched the identity of the landscape which surrounds it; the ideal place for those who seek quiet and intimacy, for those who wish to stop time, relax while in contact with pristine nature, for those who love both sea and lagoon, and for those who chose to admire some beautiful colors and its dense place with aromas.

The beach (the sea) will be 50m away from the Little Bassa Eco Beach Resort. The initial 50 housing units (bungalows) will accommodate two to four people, consist of a living space of around 40 -80 square meters with a corner with a kitchen, a living room in the comfortable sofa can easily be converted into an in additional double bed of one or two bedrooms with King-size double beds and bathroom. The suites will be perfect for those who want privacy, independence, tranquility and comfort and also for family.

The bungalows will have ample patio and garden, elegantly furnished with local ethnic style elements.

“While enjoying your stay there, you can also choose to have your meals at our restaurant. There will be a clubhouse, pool and an equesite customer service. “

The statement added: “There will also be enough options to suit all our guests’ needs. Ecotourism enthusiasts and curious alike will discover a brand new way of traveling at Little Bassa Eco Beach Resort “LA-LIMBA-LUNA”, a simple and captivating environment where care and respect for nature and for other people is key. “

Meanwhile, the THESAURUM TRAVEL AGENCY Ltd. indicated that as President George Weah said at his press conference in January that Liberia is open to trustworthy Investors, this project will boost tourism in Liberia and will have to be unparalleled in all of Africa.

It may be recalled, a law establishing a Tourism Authority was passed. The Liberian Senate concurred with the House of Representatives to pass into law an Act seeking to establish a Tourism Authority, The Liberian Senate and the House of Represenatives, in their separate arguments said the Liberia Tourism Authority Act of 2020, will positively impact the Government’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in terms of beefing up the revenue generation capacity, and as well attract more private sector investment.

The lawmakers noted that the tourism sector is basically driven by “private sector participation.”

Previously, tourism was a department of the Ministry of Information, leading to the argument that this does not give the office more leverage to realize its full potential, which in economic terms could result in low allocations from the central government budget.

In addition, THESAURUM TRAVEL AGENCY Ltd stated in the interview: “Visitors are shown the beauty of the country and of course the endless beaches, the excellent local products and all the natural attractions that the country has to offer. For the people of Little Bassa, as well as for all people in Liberia, this project will create jobs, open up business opportunities and boost the economy. “

According to THESAURUM TRAVEL AGENCY Ltd., President Dr. George M. Weah, will be invited to inaugurate Little Bassa Eco Beach Resort “LA-LIMBA-LUNA” in April 2023.

“The time spent at ECO Beach Resort will evoke feelings and emotions that will enrich Liberians and tourists or visitors and make them unforgettable knowing the true luxury: watching the sunrise or the moonset over the sea and surrounded by the sea breeze or the sound being surrounded by the sea to be able to fall asleep. Visitors will feel the intense scents and flavors of the waves and feel like they are in the middle of nowhere paradise, watched only by the stars mingling with Liberian culture and the precious awareness that nothing can be harmed. “

The added: “For questions on the project or to inquire information on buying a bungalow and the income concept of” LA-LIMBA-LUNA “please email us at [email protected]”

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