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It isn’t uncommon for celebrities or public figures to use an alias when checking into a hotel. After all, star pseudonyms not only protect their privacy for when they want to go incognito, but can also be an added safety measure from stalkers, paparazzi, and fans desperate for an autograph. While the Queen of England may have one of the most impressive security details in the world, she too has a secret name when traveling, according to insiders.


According to My London News, the Queen’s protection officers have a name they use to keep her presence on the downlow. “The Queen was apparently called S or Sharon by security, a stand-in for Sovereign,” they maintain. “It is a name that she would use when wanting to remain incognito and anonymous out in public life and also a way of keeping her safe.”

Security at public events

“It is highly likely,” a royal expert told The Sun about the validity of the claim. “The purpose of any sobriquet is that it should be anonymous and memorable. If it can also be a bit mischievous and therefore all the more memorable, then that makes sense. Although S might simply stand for Sovereign of course.”

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Aside from Queen Elizabeth, Her Royal Highness, Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, and The Queen, the matriarch of the British royal family has gone by other names over the years. As a child, she was known as Lillibet (hence the reason Prince Harry and Meghan Markle named their daughter Lillibet) due to the fact that she could not say her name. And her great-grandson, Prince George calls her “Gan-Gan,” while her grandson used to call her “Gary” when he was a little boy.

Tom Hanks at the European premiere of
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In 2014, when hackers got their paws into private information over at Sony Pictures, a bunch of celebrity alias names were revealed.

Tom Hanks: “Harry Lauder” and “Johnny Madrid”

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “Neely O’Hara”

Tobey Maguire: “Neil Deep”

Natalie Portman: “Lauren Brown”

Clive Owen: “Robert Fenton”

Rob Schneider: “Nazzo Good”

Taye Diggs: “Scott Diggs” (His real name)

Jude Law: “Mr. Perry”

Daniel Craig: “Olwen Williams”

Jessica Alba: “Cash Money”

Ice Cube: “Darius Stone” and “O’Shea Jackson” (His real name)

Debra Messing: “Ava Harper”

Traditional English Food such as Fish and Chips with mushy peas served in the Pub or Restaurant

Due to security reasons, Her Royal Highness cannot visit any restaurant she wants. A source told fabulous magazine that she sends a footman to go and collect her food and bring it back to Balmoral Castle, which she visits for her summer holidays.

The source said: “She occasionally treats herself to fish and chips when at Balmoral. A footman is dispatched to get it from the local town of Ballater.”

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