New concept hotel underway at Sanford Sports Complex

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — It’s been a busy summer of activities and events at the Sanford Pentagon, but also a busy season of growth as construction is underway on several new projects.

Construction on the 18 new fields for baseball, softball and multipurpose fields at the Sanford Sports Complex is nearly complete.

“We’ll start offering some fall programming here mid to late September of this year,” Steve Young, the President of Sanford Sports said.

Once those fields open, even more people will be making their way up to this northern corner of Sioux Falls.

“The new fields are going to drive we anticipate over a million new guests over the next five years,” Young said.

That’s in addition to all of the events already happening at the Pentagon.

“We just got done with five to six weeks straight of tournaments. Sometimes we had people from seven different states, over 100 teams. They’re not all staying in one hotel,” Young said. “And so many of them want to stay on campus.”

“Having that second hotel is really going to benefit keeping people on campus,” Great Shots and Blue Rock Bar & Grill Director of Operations Jonathan Buckley said.

Buckley says both businesses see a huge boost in traffic whenever there are tournaments or events happening around the Sanford Sports complex, which has been most of the summer.

“You really see the boom in business from those families coming down for that weekend,” Buckley said.

Construction is now underway on a second hotel at the Sanford Sports Complex; it will be one of Comfort Inn and Suites’ first locations of its new ‘Rise and Shine’ brand.

“It’s a new concept for the Comfort Inn and Suites brand, with bigger offerings for the pool area and some meeting space options,” Young said.

“While the new hotel won’t be open until next spring, it is just the beginning of the growth happening out at the Sanford Sports Complex.

“There’s conversations on residential, definitely conversations on more hospitality, so I don’t believe we’re a hundred percent done on hotels,” Young said.

Sanford Sports says tournament guests have a strong desire to stay on the sports campus, which will support even more new amenities coming to this growing corner of Sioux Falls.

“Being able to offer the hotels, food options, the entertainment options to those families that are coming up here, keeping them here on campus is going to be great,” Buckley said. “The sports complex is just going to continue to grow and everyone around it is going to continue to have success.”

The new fields will begin hosting players this fall and the new Comfort Inn and Suites at the Sanford Sports Complex is expected to begin hosting guests this spring.

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