Neighborhood Summer Vacation Tips Before The Season Ends

It is hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end. With summer camps completed, swimming lessons long over, and many vacations already having been taken, there is not much more to accomplish to make it a successful summer.

But, with summer not over yet, there is still some adventure and fun to be had. And many times that can be done with activities participated in during the last month of summer vacation in the neighborhood.

There is no rule that says summer vacation fun can only be had when away from home. Many times, some of the best memories are made with friends in the neighborhood.

And it is those times that kids and parents alike will look back on fondly when they think about how summer was spent during the days gone by. This is something that much of the rest of the neighborhood would do as well, with each additional year around the sun.

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Here is how to spend the last month of summer vacation in your neighborhood.

Go For A Bike Ride Around The Neighborhood

When the thought of a bike ride crosses the mind, it feels like a tremendous amount of work. But not all bike rides have to go on for miles and miles.

Instead, a leisurely ride can be taken around the neighborhood. And during that time, there is no telling who may be out to stop and chat with, what wildlife may be seen, or what conversations will be had with family.

Because it is still summer break, there is no stress to be back home at any time. As such, the day can be left open for adventure and merriment. Something that summer is all about.

Host A Movie Night Outdoors

For those who have a backyard perfect for entertaining, do just that. Host a movie night for the neighborhood to attend.

According to that Stationersthe essentials needed for a successful outdoor movie night include:

  • Projection screen, side of a building, or white sheet
  • Ambient lighting
  • Comfortable seating
  • Movie appropriate for the audience
  • Snacks

When all of these items are gathered, all that needs to happen is sunset, and it’s time to start the movie.

Have A Neighborhood Lawn Game Tournament

Where there is one family who is passionate about lawn games, there are bound to be more. As such, have a neighborhood lawn game tournament. It is a perfect activity to play during the last month of summer break.

To make sure that there are not any participants who get a leg up on the competition, each participant will bring their own lawn game to play. And once all the games are completed, the team or person who won the most is the winner.

Spend Time At The Neighborhood Pool

Be it at the pool within a community, a pool that the neighborhood frequents, or a private pool in the neighborhood, the last month of summer would not be complete without spending a few days splashing in the water while soaking up the sun.

According to the Sierra Club, swimming pools are quintessential summer symbols. This is because when it is hot, there is nothing more that people want to do than cool off in the water.

As such, spend some time with friends and family at a pool in the neighborhood. Everyone will have a fun time frolicking before the thoughts of school return in the weeks ahead.

Have A Neighborhood Potluck

A perfect way to bring friends and family together at the end of summer is to have a neighborhood potluck. All that needs to be done is to choose a perfect location to hold it.

After the appetizer, main course, or dessert is chosen, chefs will want to prepare enough to feed half of the people attending the party, accordingly The Washington Post.

Even with this amount, there will be leftovers because there is simply too much to sample at a potluck to settle on a large serving of any one dish. All of which is part of the fun of summer and helping to bring it to a close.

Source: Stationers, Sierra Club, The Washington Post

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