How To Prevent Otitis, Stinging And Intoxication That Are Typical On Vacation

For months the family longs for the arrival of the holidays, to leave that time together leaving the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and obligations to enjoy only devoting time to each other. Usually, they are days of laughter, joy and rest, but in which
It is very common that some health problem overwhelms them.,

experts agree that
Acute-onset external otitis and gastrointestinal problemsThis is why most patients go to the emergency room on their rest days. Keeping this in mind and trying to prevent it may make it possible to avoid it and that there is no hindrance to the holiday.

Pre-Travel Recommendations

Before leaving, it’s best
Visit the doctor for a check-up And analyze the destination and if all the vaccines are in order. “Whether or not there are chronic diseases, it is necessary to visit a trusted doctor to consider various scenarios, such as medication adjustments or the application of preventive vaccines to travel to risk areas,” advise experts Jorge Huerta and Jesus Morales. Huh. From the Center Meditelier Doctor and related to the TopDoctors platform.

Another thing to keep in mind is to count
With medical help wherever you go, If possible, before you go, it’s convenient to see where you should go if you need it, but experts recommend “take out some travel insurance to avoid unexpected expenses, and also budget for emergencies.” ”

Convenient if the trip is to a European country outside Spain
carry european health card which can be requested at the Social Security Electronic Office and which recognizes the right to receive essential health care during a temporary stay in the territory of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom or Switzerland.

Finally, Dr. Xavier Zerkevins, an expert in internal medicine and member of TopDoctors, cautions that “it is imperative
get a tetanus shot» Because infection from small cuts or wounds is very common.

Keep in mind who is going to visit

When choosing a holiday destination, it is important to think about all the family members and make them friendly. If there are older people, their rest time should be respected and, if there are very young children, avoid dangerous or very hot places where they may be at risk of dehydration.

In this regard, Dr. Zerkevins says that “family holidays should be designed and thought out for all its members. If there are children, it is important to think about safe games and entertainment. If there are young people, then some Plan the cultural activity and, if there are grandparents or older adults, take into account their care and pacification.

Acute otitis media and gastrointestinal problems are most commonly consulted during the holidays.


Health problems and how to prevent them

There are a number of diseases that occur more frequently or increase their appearance during the summer months. The problems for which most travelers go to the emergency room during their vacation and, in many cases, are preventable.

  • 1

    gastrointestinal infection, They are one of the main health problems that usually occur on vacation and to prevent them, the best thing to do is not to drink tap water, avoid eating street food as much as possible and “preparing in advance prescribed by your doctor”. There are some natural and very effective grape seed extracts, which are sold over-the-counter and can also be taken preventively,” Dr. Recommends the Zerkeins.

  • 2

    otitis, Pathology that greatly increases its incidence in summer due to moisture accumulated in the ears, either from bathing or due to sweating due to heat. dr. Claramunt Vives, an expert in Otorhinolaryngology and a member of TopDoctors, advises, “Don’t spend too much time in water, don’t use water caps or caps, don’t bathe in contaminated water, let the residual saturation evaporate.” Use drops of boricated alcohol for watering and cleaning before summer vacation, as earwax can help retain water.

  • 3

    Insect bite, A problem that more or less depends on where you travel, as there are areas where the risk of spreading serious diseases is high. The basic recommendation is to always carry insect repellent. dr. Zerkwins warns about stings from other insects, or even jellyfish: “In these cases, a cortisone ointment is always recommended.” In addition, he cautions, “a bite that can be serious is that of a tick, which can trigger Lyme disease, so it should be monitored in wooded or shrubby areas.

What are the most stinging insects in summer?
  • 4

    dehydration, It is estimated that more than 1,000 people have died in Spain due to the heat wave, something in which hydration plays a fundamental role. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. “Ice creams are not enough, drinking water is essential and, if the temperature is high, we should not be overconfident and we should not stay out of the sun or play sports during times of high temperature,” says an expert in internal medicine.

  • 5

    sunburn, Another health problem that affects in summer is sunburn. You have to be very careful and try to avoid the hours of the highest temperature. Experts Huerta and Morales explain that “it’s important to use sunscreen and clothing that covers to avoid radiation from ultraviolet rays (UV) that can have effects on the skin, such as burns and injuries. Finally, the damage to the eyes.” Keep in mind the use of approved sunglasses to avoid injuries.

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