Ghana’s New Air Air Service

Voyager International Airlines, a new start-up, has promised the people of Ghana that it will be offering a charter flight from Accra to London. The service will offer a more flexible regular service between the two cities. The route is set to launch on August 14th, 2022.

A regular charter flight

Recently Voyager Airlines announced that it will soon be offering a charter flight between the city of Accra, Ghana, and London, United Kingdom. The announcement came in the form of a large gathering of public officials. The CEO of Voyager International Airlines, Thomas Coleman, personally gave the announcement. He stated that the route is set to launch on August 14th of this year.


Voyager will offer direct charter service between London and Accra. Photo: Getty Images

In the statement, Coleman shared that a charter service will offer greater flexibility and convenience for passengers. The route is set to be flown weekly between the two cities. Coleman stated that the charter operation allows Voyager to better meet market demand and adjust more promptly to any changes. He said,

“Charter allows us to take advantage of market demand for travel. We are offering charter clients direct and non-stop to their destinations at competitive market pricing. Our goal is to give charter clients a unique travel experience while saving their time. “” A charter has flexibilities and has the ability to adapt to changes to the schedules approved. We offer a unique cuisine on our flight and that includes jollof and banku, “” Right now, we are offering a weekly service for Accra London Accra beginning August 14, ”

Perfect timing

The CEO of Ghana Tourism Development, Kwadwo Odame Antwi, Shared that Ghana is currently looking to attract two million tourists per year. Antwi stated that Voyagers will play a key role in achieving that goal. With the help of this new charter airline, political officials foresee Ghana’s tourism industry increasing.

Following the announcement from Coleman, Antwi addressed the future economic growth. Antwi said,

“With tourists coming through our airports it’s important that we position ourselves and that we are ready. Tourism contributes $ 4 billion to the country’s GDP in two years. We hoping to get that with two million people visiting the country annually, so this could not have happened at any better time. As people travel, they want to travel in style and comfort. As you are coming to Ghana, travel through Voyager International Airlines, ”

A short history

The history of Voyagers is a short one, the new start-up is set to launch this route on August 24th. Unlike most airlines, it will not be offering regularly scheduled services. This will be a charter service, meaning that it will operate on an on-demand schedule.

Voyager is a new start-up charter airline. Photo: Getty Images

This will allow for a more flexible flight schedule and permit passengers to skip much of the monotony associated with airline travel. This will help passengers save both time and money.

The new start-up charter air carrier Voyager Airlines will soon be offering an on-demand flight between London and Accra. The service will offer more adjustable flight schedules and decreased wait times for passengers. The new carrier will provide the Ghana tourism industry with much-needed support to reach its goal of two million visitors per year.

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Source: Ghana Web

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