Dylan Dreyer Shares Photos Of Chaotic Vacation Morning With Three Boys In Turks And Caicos

Dylan Dreyer is no stranger to sharing a relatable parenting moment.

On Thursday, July 28, the TODAY meteorologist shared a series of photos on Instagram that documented the hectic nature of early morning hours with young children while on vacation.

The photos captured her three sons, who she shares with her husband Brian Fichera, hanging out in her bed. Calvin, 5, and Oliver, 2, sat in the middle of the bed while 9-month-old Rusty laid down on his back in front of them.

As the carousel of photos continued, Dylan’s two oldest sons changed positions with Calvin standing on one leg while Oliver laid down on his back with his legs up in the air. The last frame captured Oliver standing up unsteadily on the mattress as he stared out the window at the beach outside.

“6:30am,” Dylan wrote, adding the hashtags, “#vacation #withkids #wouldntchangeathing.”

In the comments, fellow parents celebrated Dylan’s realistic look at life with young children. Some even commiserated in some of the controlled chaos, with one comment writing, “There is no vacation with small children. It is simply ‘Life somewhere else.’”

Another commenter added, “Traveling with kids is not a vacation — it’s a work trip.”

“Yep that looks familiar to me!!” one user wrote, adding a series of coffee cup emojis.

Another Instagram user wrote, “It’s a trip…with the kitchen moved closer to the beach. #worthit.”

Despite the 6:30 am wake up call from her sons, there’s been plenty of fun had on their family getaway.

Fichera documented the colorful beach house in Turks and Caicos where they are staying in a video shared on Instagram. During their vacation, he had some fun of his own, including dedicating “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson at karaoke to TODAY’s Craig Melvin in a video on Instagram.

He also engaged in a good old fashioned footrace with Dylan on the beach, showing his win on social media with an amended line from “Friday Night Lights,” in the caption reading, “Clear skies, tight jeans, can’t lose.”

Shortly after, Dylan shared another point of view of their race on her own Instagram. While her husband’s video depicting his win was shot in slow motion set to “Going The Distance” by Bill Conti, she shared a behind-the-scenes look at their first race, which did not have the same results.

In her video, Dylan takes off running down the beach while Fichera yells, “Wait wait wait!” before he falls face first into the sand.

“If you follow @fishlense perhaps you saw the video of him and me racing…and Brian winning,” Dylan captioned the video. “THIS is the video of what happened the first race. Who’s the winner now???”

Earlier in July, Dylan and Fichera took their boys on a cross-country trip to Nevada so she could play in the American Century Champion celebrity golf tournament.

Ahead of the family trip, Dylan took a moment to show off her packing skills on Instagram. She captured the extreme organization of packing clothes for her three children, snapping a picture of dozens of pieces of clothing folded neatly on the ground. A second frame then showed the clothing items arranged perfectly into both sides of a suitcase.

Her husband’s packing, however, wasn’t going quite as well.

The state of Fichera’s luggage was not nearly as organized as his wife’s. Instead of a perfectly packed suitcase, he was working with a navy weekender bag with two shirts on hangers haphazardly placed on top of the open bag with various other garments in plastic bags.

“Packing 3 kids for @acchampionship in Tahoe takes a lot of organizing,” she wrote, adding, “Packing 1 man apparently does not (swipe to last picture).”


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