Apple Air Tags can literally save your vacation, or at least your luggage

I usually prefer not to tell about a traveler’s misfortune, but I thought this travel tip, gleaned from a fellow travel agent’s unfortunate experience, might be helpful to know about.

It seems that, after a wonderful two week trip to Ireland, David Porter arrived home to Phoenix only to discover the couple’s luggage had been “lost” somewhere in the wild blue yonder by British Airways. This is his story and, as you read his tale of woe, the main thing I want you to remember is how having Apple Airtags on their luggage saved the day:

“It is no secret that the airlines are a complete mess right now. Flight cancellations and delays have wreaked havoc on thousands of travelers’ plans, and, as Paul Harvey used to say, “here is the rest of the story:” your luggage could get lost.

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