United Airlines Adds Over 120 Point-To-Point Flights For College Football Season

Ahead of the college football season, United Airlines has added over 120 point-to-point flights to help connect fans to more than 45 away games.

United Airlines Adds Point-To-Point College Football Flights

A recent survey of United passengers found that 80% of college football fans are planning to see an away game this year. Answering that demand, United Airlines is adding over 120 flights. ‘

Those include:


New Flights

Sept. 10: University of Alabama @
University of Texas Austin

Sept. 9-11: two direct, round-trip flights between
Birmingham, AL and Austin, TX

Sept 10: Washington State University @
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sept. 9-11: direct, round-trip flight between
Spokane, WA and Madison, WI

Sept 17: University of Oklahoma @
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Sept. 16-18: direct, round-trip flight between
Oklahoma City, OK and Lincoln, NE

Sept 24: Stanford @
University of Washington

Sept. 23-25: direct, round-trip flight between
San Jose, CA and Seattle, WA

Sept 24: University of Wisconsin-Madison @
Ohio State

Sept. 22-25: direct, round-trip flight between
Madison, WI and Columbus, OH

Oct. 8: University of Tennessee @
Louisiana State University

Oct. 7-9: direct, round-trip flight between
Knoxville, TN and Baton Rouge, LA

Oct. 15: Penn State University @
University of Michigan

Oct: 14-16: direct, round-trip flight between
State College, PA and Detroit, MI

Oct. 22: University of Iowa @
Ohio State

Oct. 21-23: direct, round-trip flight between
Cedar Rapids, IA and Columbus, OH

Nov. 5: University of Alabama @
Louisiana State University

Nov. 4-6: direct, round-trip flight between
Birmingham, AL and Baton Rouge, LA

Nov. 5: Clemson University @
University of Notre Dame

Nov. 4-6: direct, round-trip flight between
Greenville, SC and South Bend, IN

Nov. 26: University of Notre Dame @
University of Southern California

Nov. 25-27: direct, round-trip flight between
South Bend, IN and Los Angeles, CA

Michael Weeks, United’s Managing Director of domestic schedule development, explained:

‚ÄúCollege football fans love following their team on the road, and this year, we’re making it easier than ever. We’re flying nonstop to some of the most historic football towns in the country, including South Bend, Columbus, and Baton Rouge. We’re also significantly expanding our service on the west coast to help more PAC 12 fans travel to cheer on their teams. “

These flights have been on sale for the last few days. United tells Live and Let’s Fly that the following trio of flights has seen the most sales:

  • Flights between Birmingham, AL (BHM) and Austin, TX (AUS) for University of Alabama at University of Texas at Austin on September 9, 2022
  • Flights between Spokane, WA (GEG) and Madison, WI (MSN) for Washington State University at University of Wisconsin Madison on September 10, 2022
  • Flights between Columbia, SC (CAE) and Fayetteville, AR (XNA) for University of South Carolina at University of Arkansas on September 10, 2022


It has been years since I’ve followed any sort of sports team, so this news does not appeal to me directly. Even so, I recognize the vast appeal that collegiate football holds on so many Americans and wanted to pass on the news.

Will you be traveling to a college football away game this season?

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