Passengers Can Now Get Dunkin’Donuts Delivered To Transavia Flights

Dutch low-cost carrier Transavia has teamed up with Dunkin’Donuts, offering passengers the opportunity to pre-order a selection of donuts, bagels, and coffee, and have it delivered to their seat during the flight. The process is managed by Just Eat Takeaway and the catering company iFLEAT.

Transavia was the first airline to partner with Just Eat Takeaway, launching an inflight delivery service in 2020. The collaboration offers passengers the opportunity to pre-order a variety of dishes, including sushi, salads, Indian butter chicken, potato fries, fresh fruit and yogurt, and now Dunkin’Donuts. The meals are then prepared by iFLEAT and delivered to the aircraft.


The pre-ordered items are delivered to the aircraft in partnership with Just Eat Takeaway. Photo: Transavia

Business development lead –travel and catering at Just Eat Takeaway, Rob Hogema, commented,

“Dunkin’Donuts is the latest addition of products that upgrades the passenger inflight food experience, a widely popular treat that complements the Transavia Restaurant Menu splendidly. We are happy and privileged to collaborate with beautiful brands like Dunkin’ Donuts and Transavia to deliver a worldwide scoop and innovations to onboard hospitality. ”

How does it work?

Passengers on Transavia flights can visit the airline’s pre-order menu up to one hour before their flight to place their order. The donuts are then delivered to the aircraft prior to departure and served inflight by the cabin crew.

The service is currently only available on the airline’s flights departing from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It is not yet known if the offering will be extended to include flights departing from Transavia’s other two bases in the Netherlands – Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport.

Transavia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KLM. Photo: Transavia

Dunkin’Donuts, also known simply as Dunkin’, was founded in 1950 in the US. Today, it is one of the largest coffee and donut shop chains in the world, with approximately 12,900 locations in 42 countries.

Master franchisee of Dunkin’Netherlands and Belgium, Nabil Besali, celebrated the partnership, saying,

“We are very proud of the fact that we can now take this new road to also be able to offer our Dunkin’Donuts in the air in partnership with Transavia and Just Eat Takeaway.”

Inflight delivery – a growing trend

The partnership with Transavia is in line with Just Eat Takeaway’s growth plans in the travel sector. The company already offers a wide range of products onboard Transavia flights, and the menu is expected to continue to expand in the future.

Transavia is one of many airlines worldwide to offer pre-order meals to passengers. Photo: Transavia

Many airlines now offer a food pre-order system, including United Airlines and Iberia. The trend grew throughout the pandemic as carriers were looking for ways to reduce contact between cabin crew and passengers.

The move also helps to minimize food waste – with this system, Transavia knows in advance which passengers have pre-ordered a meal, lowering the number of meals that are prepared and loaded onto the aircraft but not consumed.

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