Parenting Playbook: Europe Summer Plans

EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Good news for Americans heading to Europe this summer… Travelers can take advantage of a favorable exchange rate.

Right now the euro is equal to the US dollar, something Eyewitness News hasn’t seen in decades. But exchanging that US currency is something you should do before departing for that overseas trip. And that’s not all, being flexible with your travel dates, and having the airline’s mobile app are all key to saving you time and money.

Since the COVID restrictions have decreased, travel has increased. And now that the euro exchange rate is equal to the US dollar. Many more Americans are heading overseas.

Crystal Chiricos is a travel agent with AAA (Triple A) in Dickson City. She’s been busy lately helping customers plan their European vacations.

“London and Paris are still really big. Liverpool for the Beatles and Venice and Rome, a lot of people are going there this year than in the past, said Crystal Chiricos,” Travel Agent from AAA Dickson City.

It’s been 20 years since the euro reached parity with the us dollar. That means one US Dollar for one euro.

Exchange rate: 1 US dollar = 1 euro – lowest drop in 20 years

“That means you can do a little extra beforehand, maybe you want to splurge on that extra excursion, maybe upgrade your room category make sure you get your currency here in the states before you go to internationals, they’re having a hard time with exchange rates there, but the exchange rate is equal,” said Chiricos.

As far as hotel rates in Europe, according to Chiricos, the going rate is about 199 euros per night. And prices for airfare? Chiricos says flights to Europe are averaging about 500 to 900 dollars, per person, That’s 4-500 dollars less compared to airfare prices just a few months ago..But for the best rate, flexibility is key…

“As long as you’re flexible we can find a better rate, it might be Wednesday to Wednesday versus Monday to Sunday,” Chrircos said,

No matter where you’re traveling this summer, travel agents recommend packing lightly, avoiding checking a bag, and only packing a carry-on.

“If you can put everything in your carry on it makes life a lot easier for you just make sure you add extra time,” Chiricos added.

In addition to downloading the airline’s mobile app onto your phone, be sure to purchase trip insurance.
It will give you coverage in case you need to cancel your trip or lose your luggage. Chiricos also suggests flying US-based airlines when traveling abroad. She says they are easier to work with if your travels don’t go as planned.


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