Morgan Wallen funds TN youth team’s World Series trip to SC

“I grew my mullet because of you, and you're my favorite singer,” one of the Tennessee boys told the country singer in a video.

“I grew my mullet because of you, and you’re my favorite singer,” one of the Tennessee boys told the country singer in a video.

Screengrab from Savannah Warren’s public Facebook page

A mullet holds a little more meaning this season for boys in the Humphreys County Dixie League baseball team.

Country singer Morgan Wallen had a special message for the 11- and 12-year-old teammembers after they won the state tournament and are heading to the World Series in South Carolina: Wallen wanted to foot the whole bill, he said in a video to the team.

“I really am proud of y’all. I also played baseball for a long time in my life, and it’s my favorite sport and teamwork is everything,” the “Chasin’ You” singer said in the video. “My team nowadays is my band and crew, and from my team to yours, we want to send y’all to South Carolina, and we also want to wish y’all the best.”

The Waverly community suffered from a severe flood in August 2021, in which 20 people died and infrastructure was rattled to its core, WTVF reported.

Assistant coach Steven Wilson told Music Mayhem. that some of the players on the team lost their schools and attend classes at a remodeled factory.

If Wallen hadn’t been able to help out the team, they wouldn’t have been able to make it to the World Series, Wilson told WZTV.

“These kids, they’ve lost their schools. They’re in temporary schools right now, most of them are. (There are) several of them who come from single parent households and I know every one of them are Morgan Wallen fans,” Wilson told Music Mayhem. “They got the little mullet haircuts, a couple of them do. It just means the world. The team winning uplifted the community and Morgan doing this to help these kids out… His support is just tremendous.”

Savannah Warren, a mother of one of the team members, shared a video of the players reacting to Wallen’s message on July 26. When one of the coaches hit play on the computer and the boys saw Wallen’s face, the room clamored in excitement.

“My favorite song by you is ‘Broadway Girls,’” one of the boys said to Wallen in the video. “I grew my mullet because of you, and you’re my favorite singer.”

Wallen is covering the room and board, food, cost of new uniforms and more for the team, according to Music Mayhem.

“I know he’s from Tennessee, and that’s what Tennesseans do is help each other, and you know these kids here, they’re superstars in their community right now, and for a superstar like him to step up means the world to them,” Wilson told WZTV.

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