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Every few weeks the lineup of THE GAME 103.7 Lafayette and 104.1 Lake Charles — Southwest Louisiana’s Sports Station will share a little something about themselves.
This week the team answers the question: “What was your favorite family vacation?”

Hannah Five Names (Morning Producer)
“My favorite summer vacation would be in 2012/2013. The first year we went to Disney and stayed in Pop Century for the first time. It was the year of babysitting, facing fears (mine of heights and rollercoasters), and PINS! Every time I went on a coaster and faced my fear I received a pin for that ride and usually got a pin from each set of parents we babysat for in our family. One of the nights we had gone to Legoland and my cousin Cait and I raced to see who would build the Friends Coffee Shop Lego Set… I won! The second year we went for two nights at the Nickelodeon Hotel and got slimed on our last day being there. We then went to Disney staying in the Pop Century to stay the rest of the week. I actually got lost in Disney as I went to retrieve my iPod when the fireworks started so I couldn’t find my cousin and her best friend, luckily we assign a spot to come to if we ever get separated. So basically my favorite family vacations include Disney!”

Matt Miguez (Host of Crunchtime with Miguez & Meche)
“Oh man there’s so many. I’ve been very blessed to travel to plenty of places. From Hawaii and Belize to Italy and Greece, I’ve been around. I’d have to say the history of Italy and Greece was incredible, but New York and DC was also a fun trip. California, Arizona, Utah, Chicago, and Disney World are also some of my other favorites.”

Clint Domingue (Host of Under the Dome)
“An all-time favorite summer vacation has to be when I was about four or five and me and my family spent a few days in Houston. We went to an Astros game at the old AstroDome against the San Francisco Giants and also went to AstroWorld. As a young kid, this was an experience that I’ll never forget.”

Raymond Partsch III (Host of RP3 & Company)
“My favorite family vacation is when we took our daughter to Walt Disney World. We waited until she was five years old and we went to over Thanksgiving holiday. It was a perfect trip. She loved going to all four parks, and of course her favorite was the Magic Kingdom. We got to have a character dinner, she got her pictures taken with all the Disney Princesses and we did 18 or 19 attractions that one day in the Magic Kingdom. We were exhausted but the pure joy she had for that entire trip made it amazing.”

Jordy Hultberg (Host of The Jordy Hultberg Show)
“I don’t have one favorite vacation, but I always tried to take my kids to new places. The beach, the mountains, NYC. Every adventure was fun & memorable. But if I have to pick one, a week at Seaside was pretty cool & tough to top. Water was crystal clear, bike rides, jet skis, dolphin cruises… tough to beat.”

James Meche (Afternoon Shows Producer)
“The best vacation I’ve ever been on has to be when I went on my first cruise. I went with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin as I was the replacement for my other cousin since she was caught up with school. We rode with trained dolphins in Cozumel, ziplined in Jamaica (the same place I got my hair braided), and swam with Stingrays in the Caribbean Sea. On the boat, I did my own thing as I played basketball and volleyball and played in a tournament for both. Not to mention, I made a couple of life-long friends and had the best crab cakes on the trip.”

Kevin Foote (Host of Footenotes)
“Really it’s the Alaskan cruise to celebrate my 30th anniversary but I’d also have to mention our family’s second Wally World vacation where we drive to Niagara Falls and back – hitting Washington DC, New York, Philly etc along the way.”

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