Delta testing free Wi-Fi on some flights;’sassy’ ice cream in the heart of Wisconsin

Delta tests free Wi-Fi

Delta Air Lines will offer complimentary Wi-Fi on “a select number of flights this summer,” according to Glenn Latta, the airline’s managing director of in-flight connectivity. Slow and spotty in-flight Wi-Fi has vexed passengers on Delta for Years, and the company has been working to increase bandwidth and reliability by expanding satellite-based Wi-Fi with a new provider. Thrifty Traveler reported that Delta in an internal memo said it plans to launch complimentary Wi-Fi on all domestic flights “soon , “and on international routes by the end of 2024. Delta’s efforts on free Wi-Fi date back years, with CEO Ed Bastian in 2018 saying that he wanted to eventually make the service free.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Flying with edibles

As more of the country legalizes recreational and medical marijuana, it gets more and more confusing where you’re allowed to have it and where it’s still off limits. But no matter where you are in the US, you still can’t legally fly with edibles. That’s because on a federal level, marijuana is illegal to use or possess under the Controlled Substances Act. Beyond that, it is illegal to take marijuana across state lines, says Craig Small, a Denver attorney for the law firm Clark Hill. ” If you’re flying from one marijuana state to another marijuana state, then leave what you have at home, “Small says.” Fly stress-free without ever having to worry about [getting in trouble] — Even though it may be unlikely to happen. “

Washington Post

Sassy ice cream

It’s no surprise that you’ll find great ice cream in the heart of America’s Dairyland. At Sassy Cow Creamery in Columbus, Wis., More than 70 flavors of premium farm-stand ice cream are crafted using milk from the family’s herd of cows. Savor fresh options like Cookie Monster, fresh peach, peanut butter explosion and blueberry pie. Stop in the Farmhouse Kitchen, where menu items include Sassy Cow Cheddar grilled cheese served with a side and white or chocolate milk. Or sign up for a farm tour to discover what transpires in the state-of-the-art parlor where the cows are milked, and to meet the sassy cows (

Americans invade France

The headline in a French newspaper blared the good news recently: “The Americans Have Returned!” Have they ever. American tourists have swarmed France with their tourism dollars — to the point where even the usually standoffish French are welcoming Americans with open arms. And it’s not just the usual spots like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower or the haute couture of Paris — it’s the wine country and the beaches and other less-known places. “The Americans are doing the job,” Frédéric Hocquard, Paris deputy mayor for tourism, told CNN. “Meaning that they are coming back en masse and with a lot of money to spend.” According to CNN, American tourists spend an average of $ 402 per day in France.


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