These Top 3 Hotel Chains Were Voted As Most Popular In The US For 2022

The hospitality industry has proven to be a resilient sector that can weather all storms that come its way. The 2020 lockdown brought about by the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic sent shock waves in the industry. With no international travel, no people eating out, and quarantines, sales plummeted, and nobody thought the hospitality sector would get close to its original self.

Two years down the line, the narrative has already changed. Things are back to normal, and the sector is doing much better. The American hospitality industry is dominated by top hotel chains operated across different states.


Here are the three top-rated hotel chains in the US worth every penny.


Marriott Hotels and Resorts is an international brand running a chain of hotels globally. The first Marriott opened its doors in 1957. It was the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel found in Arlington, Virginia. The hotel draws its name from the initial owner. Since opening the first hotel in the late 50s, the brand has never looked back.

Decades down the line, the brand continues to expand, with branches being opened all over the world. Although its headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland, the brand has done enough to delegate management operations to specific locations. Each location operates independently but remains under the parent brand.

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Diversity is among the key reasons why consumers believe this brand needs to be up there with other A-league chain hotels. Each location has been left to operate independently without necessarily complying with specific cultural rules. Cultural diversity is a key component of modern-day hospitality, and no place does it better than Marriott.

Over the past 65 years, the brand has managed to set a base in 341 locations in North America. In the Caribbean and Central America, there are 21 locations under the Marriott brand. Europe alone has around 90 locations.

The best part about Marriott is that it comes as a complete package. These hotels have restaurants that serve a wide range of global and local delicacies.

  • Number of locations worldwide: 590
  • Popularity and approval rate: 63%

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is an American chain of luxurious hotels whose story began back in 1952. The real story surrounding the establishment of this brand sounds more like a fairytale. The owner of the brand, Kemmons Wilson, from Memphis, was out on a family road trip but ended up being disappointed by the poor state of the various accommodations they came across in Washington.

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Fast-forward, the construction of the first hotel began. The hotel was named after a prominent musical film at the time. Its first franchised hotel opened its doors in 1954, and the journey to 2022 has been amazing. Throughout the years, the brand has undergone shaky moments that have threatened its existence, but it has managed to overcome them all.

As of March 2022, there were 552 Holiday Inn locations throughout America. From luxury resorts and exotic suits to rustic oceanfronts, the brand is designed to suit a wide range of vacationers. Texas dominates the list with 59 locations to its name. Brand separation is a technique Holiday Inn has mastered that has worked to its advantage.

  • Number of hotels: 1,218 (As of December 2021)
  • Popularity and approval rate: 60%

Hampton Inn

Coming in at a closer third in the US hotel chain popularity index is Hampton Inn. Its origin is tied to Holiday Inn, which was the initial owner before offloading it when they were in financial turmoil.

Hampton Inn is by far one of the most advanced hotel chains in the whole of America. This brand enjoys quite a huge portfolio which speaks volumes. The huge success that the brand has enjoyed in recent times can be attributed to its affiliation with Hilton. Hilton is an established brand with a significant market reach, making Hampton Inn an instant hit.

Even with Hilton’s influence, Hampton Inn’s effort cannot go unrecognized. Growing from one hotel back in 1984 to a chain of over 2,500 locations in less than 40 years is never a walk in the park. It has taken great effort and proper management to achieve that.

Hampton Inn’s popularity in the hospitality sector boils down to one factor, affordability. It is among the most affordable hotel chains operating in America. These hotels are known to be moderately priced, making them the go-to option for on-budget vacationers. Their huge presence in different locations is also part of the reason why this chain warrants high ratings.

  • Number of locations worldwide: Over 2,500
  • Popularity and approval rate: 59%

America is home to multiple hotel chains. For the selected few to be voted among the best means, they have ticked all the right boxes from the consumer’s aspect. By choosing Marriott, Holiday Inn, or Hampton Inn, vacationers can never go wrong. Booking any of the three will provide the ultimate vacationing experience.

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