Take a trip through the PA Grand Canyon

WELLSBORO, PA (WETM)- Looking for things to do over the summer with your family? 18 News is taking a different look at different ways you and your family can enjoy what our region has to offer.

To start this series, we drove roughly an hour away to Wellsboro, PA, where you can tour the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Thousands of tourists visit a year to hike, bike, or walk through the canyon to see the beauty for themselves, but, if you’re looking for a different way to tour the canyon why not try an ole covered wagon tour.

The grand canyon itself stretches approximately 50 miles long and it’s surrounded by 165,000 acres of the Tioga State Forrest. “On a daily basis, we give tours to the public. We offer classic tour that’s the tour that we took today, it’s a two hour tour. We traveled two hours down to the Grand Canyon, you will hear the guide speak for an hour and then the way back out you’ll get to enjoy the view and the presence of the canyon,” says Brad Confer the Owner of the Ole Covered Wagon Tours. Confer has been giving these tours for 11 years now and to him there’s nothing better than seeing smiles on peoples faces.

Jim and Ma Kettle (WETM reporter Jackie Gillis)

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon dates back to the 19th century and as you travel down and back the tour guide, Jim, will tell you how this canyon came to be with pictures getting pass around throughout the tour to help the tourists visualize what the canyon used to look like.

I went on the classic tour but that isn’t the only tour offered, “…the other ride is called the waterfall ride. So on Wednesdays only we travel three and a half hours down to they called Little Four Mile falls and we’ll travel on down there’s a restroom in the canyon- believe it or not. Then we let people explore the falls, we actually unhitch the horses and we spend about a half an hour down there. Then we’ll reel everybody back in and head back out and it takes us about three and a half hours,” says Confer.

The tour guide, Jim, even tells you about the horses that are giving you the tour and you’re allowed to take pictures with them and even pet them. However, the Ole Covered Wagon Tours even welcomes large parties to come and have a cookout with them. “We do cowboy cookouts, so if you have a large group we do cover cookout so you can bring your group and we cook out for you and have everything right here under the pavilion.”

If you would like to learn more about the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and what types of tours they offer you can visit their website.

**Ma Kettle is WETM reporter Jackie Gillis.


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