Visit 5 Waterfalls In 1 Day On This Summer Day Trip In Utah

Here in Utah, we love our waterfalls. But even more, we love to chase waterfalls! While you can easily spend days or even weeks chasing waterfalls around the Beehive State, if you are looking for the ultimate summer day trip, we have an adventure for you! There are five waterfalls in Utah Valley that you can visit in a single day — the perfect way to spend time outdoors. While this adventure may take several hours to complete, believe us, you’ll want to go on this journey every single summer.

What do you think about this waterfall day trip in Utah? Are there more falls you would add? If you are considering an additional waterfall to visit, check out Fifth Water Waterfalls, which actually plunges into a hot spring. You will find this waterfall east of Spanish Fork.

Addresses: Battle Creek Trail, Pleasant Grove, UT, USA

Addresses: Bridal Veil Falls, Utah 84604, USA

Addresses: Grotto Falls Trail, Utah 84651, USA

Addresses: Scout Falls, Utah 84604, USA

Addresses: Stewart Falls Trail, Utah 84604, USA

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