A New Credit Card Processing Company That Earns, Saves, And Pays

For most businesses, accepting credit and debit card payments is essential, and this requires a credit card processing company. Choosing the best credit card processor for your business can be a headache and very time consuming.

YOU LOVE ME, July 27, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Daystar Payments is a global credit card processor that offers merchant services for businesses and ecommerce businesses of any size. They help businesses earn higher return on investment (ROI) by offering tailored plans, lower monthly fees, chargeback prevention strategies and more. Daystar Payments is an all-in-one business solution payment method for ecommerce processing as well as PCI compliant.

The payment gateway services any ecommerce platform that accepts digital payments. For example, credit and debit card processing, mobile payments, online store payments, retail store payments, and point of sale (POS) payments. The company provides easy global payments and electronic invoicing. The company is also a financial institution that offers funding and high-risk solutions to any ecommerce payment processing industry.

Their mission is to make the process of getting a merchant account simpler, faster, and more transparent for business owners. For that reason, Daystar has made significant investments into its payment technologies, customer experience, and partner programs.

Daystar’s Partner program includes:

  • ISO Program
  • Referral Partner Program
  • Affiliate Partner Program
  • Technology Partner Program
  • Vendors Program

Daystar offers 80% of revenue directly to its contributors, an opportunity to earn residual income for the life of the account. They offer the highest revenue share percentage in the payment industry.

As part of their 100% transparency business model, every partner will have their own payment processing and commission report management portal. Daystar will also complete the applications for partners, so you do not need a staff member. Daystar Payments will create 1,000 new partner program agents ISO by the end of 2023.

Daystar Payment is giving back 5% of their profits to different charities as their social mission. The company is helping minority business owners get access to affordable financing, merchant processing assistance, and business resources.

Daystar Payments is a new company that earns businesses higher return on investment (ROI), tailored plans, lower monthly fees, and chargeback prevention strategies. Everything a business owner needs under one roof.

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