This Rural Road Trip In Connecticut Will Take You To Hidden Gems

With all of our great cities in Connecticut, sometimes the rural areas tend to fall through the cracks. But to skip out on areas like the Quiet Corner would be to really miss out on some wonderful attractions! We’ve gathered up a few places in a rural road trip in Connecticut. It won’t require much time in the car, but it’ll take you to some great underrated attractions in the often-overlooked northeast corner of the state, where there’s more farmland than people.

Have you ever visited any of the places on this rural road trip in Connecticut, or do you have suggestions for more places that are worth visiting in this area? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Addresses: Quaddick State Park, 818 Quaddick Town Farm Rd, Thompson, CT 06277, USA

Addresses: Boxcar Museum, 1 S Main St, Putnam, CT 06260, USA

Addresses: Sharpe Hill Vineyard, 108 Wade Rd, Pomfret, CT 06258, USA

Addresses: Dianas Pool Road, Dianas Pool Rd, Chaplin, CT 06235, USA

Addresses: Ayers Gap, Franklin, CT 06254, USA

Addresses: Ashbel Woodward Museum, 387 CT-32, North Franklin, CT 06254, USA

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