Thea Booysen and MrBeast reignite dating rumors after Las Vegas trip

YouTuber MrBeast and Twitch streamer Thea Booysen have been rumored to be dating for a while now. Their latest Las Vegas trip has fueled those speculations even more.

Fans are always intrigued by their favorite celebrities’ dating life, and MrBeast’s followers are no exception. The YouTuber’s fandom is constantly trying to decode who the star is dating. Many feel it’s Thea!

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Meet Thea Booysen

MrBeast’s rumored girlfriend Thea is a social media creator, just like him.

The 24-year-old runs a successful Twitch channel under the name TheaBeasty, where she has over 22,600 followers. She plays games like Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Stray on her streams.

Thea is a relatively new creator on Twitch as she only started streaming two months ago. She also runs a YouTube channel, where she has more 17,000 subscribers.

Her Twitch bio reveals that she is a South African native. She is also an official Esports caster for CDPR.

MrBeast’s rumored girlfriend is certainly a beauty with brains as she has an honors degree in Psychology as well as a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Thea Booysen and MrBeast spark dating rumors

Thea and MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, have been sparking dating rumors for a while now.

The former has been posting pictures with her rumored beau since March 2022. In one of her posts from March this year, the two are seen posing in Cape Town, South Africa.

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The pair was also spotted at the 2022 Kid’s Choice Awards in April, where they posed for pictures together.

The two have also been doing some subtle flirting on social media since the turn of the year.

In April, Thea tweeted saying, “This random person keeps looking over at me on our flight,” and posted MrBeast’s picture.

Jimmy hilariously replied to her tweet saying: “Have them kick him off.”

Even though the rumors have been around for a while, they became more rife than ever after Thea posted a picture from her recent Las Vegas trip with MrBeast.

The two look adorable, as they stand arm-in-arm with one another.

Many fans even began wondering whether the YouTuber had broken up with Maddy Spidell after seeing his picture with Thea.

MrBeast was previously dating Maddy Spidell

MrBeast and Maddy Spidell kept their relationship private for the most part.

However, Maddy confirmed their romance after hitting back at those accusing her of being with the YouTuber for his money.

She hit back with a tweet that said: “If it wasn’t clear – I don’t want MrBeast for his money, just want a bf with good taste in anime who can make me laugh, leave me alone and let me have an unattainable internet crush LMFAO.”

Shortly after, MrBeast also confirmed their relationship by sharing a series of pictures and videos with her.

However, the last time they were seen together on social media was in June 2020. The pair never announced their split, but going by their social media handles now, fans are certain that they are no longer together.

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