Singapore Airlines Has More North America Flights This July Than Ever Before

Singapore Airlines has more passenger flights between Singapore and North America in July 2022 than in any other month. Its previous record was in May this year. Now it has 275 dividing flights, between seven and ten every day. Its record will next be broken in October. Still, Australia remains the Star Alliance carrier’s largest country market.

Not quite this straight forward

Things aren’t quite This straightforward. If USA and Canada seats for sale are examined, Singapore Airlines has 135,592 in July, very close to, but not quite exceeding, its record in the past two decades, held in May 2004 (138,248). That’s based on analyzing data from experts Cirium.


While Singapore Airlines now has a quarter more North America flights than it did 18 years ago, illustrating how this region has become crucial in its network, seats for sale have fallen by 2%.

Seats per flight declined by 22% versus May 2004, mainly because the much smaller but much more fuel-efficient A350-900 (non-ULR and ULR) is now the most deployed type. Then, the B747-400 was the most frequently used . This also is why July 2022 doesn’t break the record for available seat miles (seats x distance).

July 2022 is the best month yet for North America flights. Source of data: Cirium.

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The most flights yet: July 2022

Singapore Airlines’ North America network nine routes, as detailed below. Six are non-stop, all by the A350-900, while the remainder operates via Europe and Northeast Asia.

As you’d expect, Singapore-Los Angeles is the most served; it has up to 3x daily services. Seattle was delinked from Vancouver in June. Singapore-JFK is the world’s longest non-stop flight, very marginally beating Newark.

  1. Singapore to Los Angeles non-stop: up to 2x daily flights in July; A350-900
  2. Singapore to San Francisco non-stop:: 2x daily; A350-900
  3. Singapore to Los Angeles one-stop: 1x daily via Tokyo Narita; B777-300ER
  4. Singapore to Newark non-stop: 1x daily; A350-900ULR
  5. Singapore to New York JFK non-stop: 1x daily; A350-900ULR
  6. Singapore to New York JFK one-stop: 1x daily via Frankfurt; A380 (two flights this month by the B777-300ER)
  7. Singapore to Houston one-stop: 4x weekly via Manchester; A350-900
  8. Singapore to Seattle non-stop: 3x weekly; A350-900
  9. Singapore to Vancouver non-stop: 3x weekly; A350-900

Singapore Airlines’US and Canada routes July 2022. Of course, this doesn’t illustrate routing away from Russian airspace. Image: GCMap.

Singapore Airlines has 275 North America flights in July. It has ten daily flights on four occasions this month. The schedule for randomly chosen July 12th is as follows, organized by departure time from its Changi hub.

As booking data shows that around four in every ten passengers transit to / from India, the single largest traffic source, it’s not surprising that 07: 00-09: 25 has four departures. They’re fed by arrivals from up to eight Indian cities and 11 across South Asia.

Have you flown Singapore Airlines to / from North America? If so, share your experiences in the comments.

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