Planning a high-altitude trip? Take note of these tips

Are you a hodophile? Do you prefer mountains over beach destinations? Then we suggest you to read on. This might really come handy to you one day.

Travel enthusiasts, who are planning on going for trips higher than 8,000ft, need to be wary of acute mountain sickness (AMS). Trekkers and riders, who attempt such trips, might develop AMS. And in rare instances, it could be life-threatening. But if the necessary precautions are taken, AMS can be prevented. So before you pack your bags, take note of these tips:

• Eat as much dark chocolate and popcorn as you want – When you scale high-altitude areas with low oxygen levels, consuming these would help in increasing the oxygen supply to muscles.

• Drink lots of water – Your breathing rate would increase and even if you are sitting idle, your body will lose water much more rapidly than when you are at sea level. So, you could become dehydrated quickly while doing strenuous activities such as trekking in these areas.

Representative image: Shutterstock/Kirill Skorobogatko

• Oxygen cylinder – As a safety precaution, carry an oxygen cylinder with you. Use it if you suffer from acute breathlessness. Portable oxygen cylinders, that would fit into your bags, are available alenty these days.

• Don’t skip meals – Eat well before you start your journey. At no point during the ride, should you think that – ‘Only some more distance, will eat later.’

• If your illness aggravates, immediately return without any second thoughts.

Planning a high-altitude trip?  Take note of these tips

Representative image: Shutterstock/Hristina Satalova

• Consult a doctor and procure medicines that would aid in getting acclimatised to the high-altitude atmosphere. You would have to take the tablet a day prior to the trip. And continue to do so until you return to lower-altitude areas.

(Inputs from vlogger and traveler Aparna Harikumar )


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