Wizz Air Flight From Tel Aviv To Krakow Evacuated Amid Bomb Threat

Yesterday, passengers and flight crew aboard a Wizz Air flight were required to make an emergency evacuation from the aircraft in Kraków Poland. Upon landing, the aircraft was directed towards an empty stretch of tarmac where the chutes were deployed for an emergency evacuation following a bomb threat. No explosives were found and the source of the threat has not been made known to the public.

A late-night evacuation

On the 23rd of July 2022, Wizz air flight W65098 was forced to make an emergency evacuation. Having just arrived from Israel, the aircraft was directed out to a location on the tarmac far from any people or structures. After a 30-minute wait, Once the evacuation was complete, the passengers were informed that there had been a bomb threat.


The evacuation was a hectic scene filled with panic-stricken passengers. One passenger described the event to Kan news. He stated,

“They starting yelling at everyone not to take anything with them and to go down the chutes,”

“In two minutes, everyone slid down and got out of the plane. After that, they told us that there had been a bomb threat.”

The flight landed at approximately 22:30 local time, placing the time of evacuation after 23:00 local time. Many passengers reported being out on the tarmac for a long time before emergency services arrived. One passenger told Ynet News,

“They opened up the emergency chutes for the plane and we went out. We stood in an open area until the police, security and ambulances arrived,”

No official injuries have been reported, although many passengers have reported injuries endured during the evacuation process. Upon the arrival of emergency services, all passengers and crew were searched by sniffer dogs. No trace of any explosives was found on any persons, luggage, or aircraft. No information has currently been given as to the source of the suspected threat either.

An overnight stay

Multiple passengers reported widespread confusion and a lack of communication at the airport. Passengers reported receiving little to no guidance or assistance both on the tarmac and at the airport. Once all the luggage was properly searched, passengers were able to gather their luggage and continue their travels.

It was not until 03:00 local time on Sunday morning that the passengers were permitted to leave the airport. A passenger told Ynet regarding the lack of communication saying,

“This is complete chaos and no one from the airline has spoken to us,”

A familiar experience

Unfortunately, this was not the only bomb threat that the airline has had this past week. Last week another Wizz Air flight that was headed for Kraków received a bomb threat. The aircraft diverted to Budapest Hungary where it was searched. No explosives were found, Passengers and cabin crew followed the same procedure in this situation as those on Saturday’s flight.

A Wizz Air flight made an emergency evacuation in Poland on the tarmac after having received a bomb threat. No explosives were found, and no information has been given regarding the source of the threat. This situation is still under investigation and more details will be revealed. when the official report is released.

Source: World Israel News

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