Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class – Still A Pleasure

Even though the Turkish Airlines 777 will not win any awards for privacy or even comfort in business class, the stellar soft product onboard makes it one of my favorite business class products.

Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class – Still A Leading Soft Product

I flew from Los Angeles to Istanbul on the 777-300ER on Turkish Airlines, which has the notorious honor, along with Emirates, of having middle seats in business class.

While the 2-3-2 configuration is not ideal in terms of privacy, I must concede that I increasingly appreciate these business class seats because your feet are not constrained in a small footwell, which is perhaps the main advantage of these seats.

I still greatly prefer the more private business class seats on the Turkish 787-9 or A350-900 (or the new ex-Aeroflot A350s), but these are not a dealbreaker (though admittedly, I’ve never actually sat in a middle seat ).

What makes Turkish Airlines special is the catering and once again, Turkish did not disappoint. Dinner began with a mezze appetizer, fresh-baked bread, soup, and salad… a meal in itself.

But the main course was even better, a perfectly-cooked salmon with ratatouille and potatoes.

Dessert included a decadent cake and fresh fruit, along with chamomile tea, which helped me to fall asleep and sleep soundly for the next five hours.

Before landing, even though it was now afternoon in Istanbul, breakfast was served. Breakfast began with a large fruit plate and hot croissants and other breads along with yogurt, cheese, and chicken breast.

Fresh squeezed orange juice and superb coffee, including espresso-based specialties like cappuccino were available.

… And of course, Turkish coffee.

Once again, that was enough, but then came a main course… a delicious omelet with potatoes, cooked tomato, and spinach.

With the exception of a brief period early in the pandemic when virtually all meal service was cutback, you never go hungry in Turkish Airlines business class.

Another thing I love about Turkish Airlines business class is the free high-speed internet, which worked well during this flight and kept me connected and productive.

Lastly, I’ve noticed over the years that service has greatly improved on Turkish Airlines. The language barrier used to be quite bad and as a result service was often compromised. I think that as many flight attendants have matured in their roles, they have cultivated their English skills and the result if far more personalized and friendly service to English-speaking passengers.


All-in-all, a great experience on Turkish Airlines and a carrier that I am loyal to because it places such a high value on in-flight dining. Flying is so much fun when you can enjoy a decadent meal in the air versus simply food to fill your stomach so you can fall asleep.

Overall, Turkish Airlines remains a great choice for intercontinental travel and I hope to fly TK again soon.

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