Steven Barbarich San Francisco Vacation Rental Assistance

A lot of times, people may have read about Steven Barbarich online about his years as an inventor. He managed to make a name as an inventor given his background as an engineer. He decided to quit working for a company and worked on his own. That’s when he tried different types of businesses.

Steven Barbarich Vacationhomes365 became a massive hit for San Diego and San Francisco homeowners in recent years. Steven Barbarich San Diego property management strategy worked for a lot of people. He managed to bring the best out of different properties because of his team of experienced cleaners and property managers. Here, San Diego and San Francisco homeowners made it possible to maximize their property.

Steven Barbarich’s platform allowed different properties to prosper. But what exactly did he do to find success?

Selection of Properties

The first, and the most difficult part in setting up VacationHomes365 is finding property owners willing to list their properties on the platform. On top of that, Steven Barbarich is picky. He had to reject several properties simply because they did not meet the expectations that he had with different brands. He realized that to stand out against Airbnb, the properties need to have a different look and a different experience in them.

With these things in mind, there were fewer properties compared to the more established Airbnb. However, what Steven Barbarich found was a small niche of travelers who also account for their place of stay as part of their experience whenever they are traveling.

Create a competitive rate for travelers

Before even letting the homeowner post, Steven Barbarich and his team gave a lecture on proper pricing. This way, the homeowners will know if the rate is too high or if it is too low. Although ultimately, it is still going to depend on the homeowners to dictate the rate of the property, there is still that guidance coming from VacationHomes365.

Creative marketing strategy

Aside from having cleaners and a good number of people who are running the backend, there is also an emphasis on the marketing strategy of each property making it possible to attract the right people. Aside from promoting the properties in the platform, Steven Barbarich also offered a separate marketing service for homeowners making it possible for them to expand their reach.

Steven Barbarich offered a team of social media marketing experts, content writers, and SEO experts that can help property owners that run their websites for their property.
Never-ending research

Trends changed especially in the last two years since the pandemic started. With this, Airbnb adjusted its approach to its guests. Those who opted to stay for at least two weeks in a place were given a discount by the hosts.

This is just one of the many changes that happened during the pandemic. Steve Barbarich also realized this. With his team, they keep these things in mind whenever they are teaching homeowners about pricing and promoting their properties.

VacationHomes365 is an alternative platform that offers a different experience to those who are looking to travel. The good news is that it also comes with a competitive price for a lot of travelers. And at the end of the day, it has helped San Diego and San Francisco homeowners.

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