Spend Summer Vacation On This Michigan Island

For quite some time, Mackinac Island has been at the border of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. At less than five square miles, the island never supported an extensive community, but nevertheless fostered a community welcoming visitors and tourists. This island is also car-free and has been for over a hundred years. With gas prices as insane as they are, travelers should try to avoid driving as much as possible.

Travelers to this small island in Michigan have a bit to look forward to. Clean and scenic beaches line the shores. Excellent restaurants await guests. Family biking trips and experiencing the downtown provide a bit of entertainment for anyone. Mackinac Island eagerly awaits its next visitors.


Things to Do On Mackinac Island

Travelers visiting Mackinac Island will always have some way of entertaining themselves. With a variety of outdoor activities as well as resorts, there is much to do here.

Family and Group Biking

With no cars allowed on Mackinac Island, cycling has become one of the primary ways of getting around. Rides around the island are scenic ways to enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Travelers to the island are always welcome to bring their own bikes on the ferry, but there are also rentals available. Bikes ranging from single-speed cruisers to tandem bikes and even tag-alongs for kids are available. It is recommended that travelers take some time to tour the outer rim of the island. In total, it is a leisurely 8.2-mile ride taking anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes.

Horse Riding Experience

One of the most iconic activities to participate in on Mackinac is the narrated horse-drawn carriage experience. To truly get the most out of it. Travelers should try to ride the carriage as the sun is setting. There are actually a few horse-related activities on the island. There is standard horseback riding available and even horse and buggy. When travelers are tired, they can check out one of the toe museums showcasing the unique style of carriages from the island.

Experience the Island by Foot

Sometimes the best way to get around Mackinac Island is simply by foot. Travelers to the island can hike up to Fort Holmes, which is the highest point on the island. They can also brave the busy streets of the downtown or find themselves traversing the sands of the beaches. Almost all of Mackinac is reachable by foot, meaning it is quite easy to enjoy all the island’s incredible attractions.

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Experience Flying above the Island

Travelers aren’t limited to experiencing the island by land, there are also ways to see it by air. The beauty of the island can be taken in by the air thanks to several exciting attractions. The island’s small airport hosts several aerial tours that give travelers exciting new options for experiencing the island.

Places to Stay on Mackinac Island

On Mackinac Island, there are no chain hotels. What travelers have to look forward to instead is over 1,600 rooms spread across a variety of locally run hotels, resorts, B&Bs, condominiums, cottages, and homes that all serve visitors to the island. Each one of these places is family-run and free of corporate influences. Some of these places have been owned since the 1800s when the island first started emerging as a summer destination. Travelers can still catch glimpses of the charm from that era in the architecture of the island’s structures today.

Restaurants and Nightlife

There is a good variety of dining found on Mackinac Island as well as some fun nightlife. Travelers can choose to either dine at their hotel or seek another destination downtown. Afterwards, the island’s nightlife begins to wake up.

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Hotel Dining

Hotel dining on the island enjoys a good bit of variety. The Tudor mansion with its duckpin bowling alley offers quite a different experience than an ice cream parlor named after a champion show dog. The hotel restaurants on Mackinac Island demonstrate the unique history of the island and the hotel itself. Regardless of where travelers want a meal prepared by a renowned chef or perhaps just a setting full of fun and scenic beauty, travelers will find it at one of the hotel dining facilities on Mackinac Island.

Downtown Dining

Mackinac island’s timeless appeal isn’t limited to its horse-drawn carriage tours, tame bicycle rides, Victorian architecture, and historic For Mackinac. There is the island’s classical downtown too. Full of comfort food, good coffee, pizza, pancakes, burgers, beers, and whatever else, travelers will enjoy exploring Mackinac Island’s downtown.


The fun starts at different times for different people. When some are about to call it a night, others are just getting started. When the last ferry leaves Mackinac, there is still plenty to do on the island for entertainment. The sound of big bands, folk, rock, country, jazz, and blues fill the restaurants and pubs. Travelers can enjoy this vibe as they meander down the coast or through the downtown.

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