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Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 3 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases this morning, Monday, July 25. A further 15 local asymptomatic cases were also reported.

Of the 3 new local cases reported, 3 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive during regular screening.

Of the 15 new local asymptomatic cases reported, 15 tested positive during central quarantine, while 0 tested positive during regular screening.

More mass testing…

Shanghai launched yet more rounds of mass nucleic acid screening from yesterday through Tuesday.

Nine districts will be taking part:

  • Baoshan

  • Changning

  • Hongkou

  • Huangpu

  • Jing’an

  • Minhang

  • I stink

  • Shuhui

  • Yangpu

Subdistricts or towns with new positive cases will also be subject to the mandatory testing.

During the screening, participants must have a 24-hour negative PCR report to leave or enter their communities, companies and other public venues.

In Baoshan, testing will take place three days in a row, with compounds put under lockdown from the time testing begins until the results come out. Baoshan had previously launched three rounds of screening between Thursday and Saturday.

Quarantine hotel worker detained…

Why all the beef in Baoshan? Police in the district have detained a quarantine hotel worker for breaking pandemic control rules and spreading COVID-19.

The 32-year-old woman went home without permission, despite being subject to closed-loop management and banned from leaving the hotel.

She later tested positive for COVID-19 during a regular screening, and lied about her whereabouts during the epidemiological survey. Two of her family members had already been infected.

The hotel and its community have been put under lockdown.

China COVID-19 vaccines are safe…

China produced COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, the State Council has assured the public, announcing that all Party leaders – right up to the very top – have completed vaccination with domestically developed vaccines.

Across the country, 92.1% of the Chinese population have received at least one vaccine dose, while 89.7% are fully vaccinated and 71.7% have received a booster.

Among those aged 60 and above, 89.6% have received at least one dose, 84.7% are fully vaccinated and 67.3% have received a booster.

Shanghai wants you to get your booster shot…

With sporadic community infections reappearing in the city, authorities are encouraging people to get their COVID-19 booster shot. If you haven’t had yours yet, here’s how to sign up:

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In other COVID news…

China’s travel code, used for checking the travel history of people in the country, now only checks the travel history of users over a 7-day period, as opposed to the previous 14-days:

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That restrictive star symbol will no longer appear on the Travel Code app:

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China has further eased restrictions for overseas arrivals into the country, with 7-day centralized quarantine plus 3-day ‘health monitoring’ at home (the ‘7+3’ policy) the norm:

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A negative PCR test result obtained within the last 72 hours is currently a must in Shanghai should you wish to take part in ‘normal life’ – click the link below to find out where to get one:

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Meanwhile, those Shanghai residents who do not do a PCR test within seven days of their last test will see their health code turn yellow:

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