11 Best Beaches in America for a Perfect Sun-Soaking Vacation

Are you a mountain person or a beach person?

It is the question you might have been asked many times.

While the choice between the two remains subjective, many people still give their vote to beaches. They are beautiful. You spend your time walking barefoot on the white sand, hearing the splashing sound of the water, and catching a glimpse of the dancing waves and the sunset! Beaches are a romantic option. Beaches are full of fun too. You can enjoy many water sports and other adventure activities. In short, beaches are loved!

What are the Best Beaches in America?

If you are planning to escape from the outcast weather of your city to soak in some sun and relax your body, a visit to the beach is the best idea. Hop at the below-listed best beaches in America.

  1. Cape May Beach, New Jersey

Cape May Beach is one of the best places to spend your holiday. There are many leisure activities to carry out. This New Jersey beach is accessible and houses many bars, restaurants, game rooms, and even a boardwalk along the sand.

Call yourself lucky if you spot the fun-loving dolphins on its shimmering shoreline. You can do most of the popular activities like fishing, surfing, skim-boarding, swimming, and kayaking.

  1. Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, and Poipu Beach is one of them. It is located on the sunny south shore of Kauai and is a must-visit place for all beach lovers. Interestingly, it is made up of two spectacular beaches, separated by a narrow sand spit.

One side of the beach is called Baby Beach. The water remains calm and shallow. There is another side too where you can participate in many water sports activities.

  1. Coronado Beach, California

Coronado Beach is located in San Diego, California. It is the place for all those who love warm, sunny weather and the hustle and bustle of the people. The golden beach is a treat to your eyes. It is extremely popular among families who come here and make the most of their picnic.

You can find good places to relax and eat across the beach. What makes Coronado Beach more special is that it is a dog-friendly beach. So, you can bring your pet too.

  1. Clearwater Beach, Florida

Florida boasts some top beaches in America, and Clearwater Beach is one of them. It rests in the sunny Gulf of Mexico and is famous for its beautiful blue waters and pristine sands. Merely bathing in the sun at this beach will give you enough pleasure.

Furthermore, you can also be a part of activities like sunbathing, boat tours, dolphin sightings, parasailing, and more.

  1. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii

Talk about the best beaches in Hawaii, and the mention of Hanakapiai Beach remains a must. This beautiful beach is tucked away on the Napali Coast. Interestingly, it is accessible only by foot. There is a trailhead for the two-mile hike to the beach. Thus, you can enjoy the trail and the beach (both) during your visit.

This place is where you can relax away from the hectic city life and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset. We do not recommend swimming because the waters often have strong currents and riptides.

  1. Miami Beach, Florida

Who doesn’t know about Miami Beach in Florida? It is touted as one of the best beach destinations in the United States of America. It is the place for all the fun-lovers. You can be a part of many entertaining activities, ranging from swimming, surfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, and whatnot.

Miami Beach has become extremely popular among models, celebrities, and social media influencers who come here to shoot and sometimes to relax too! The whole vibe of the place will have your heart. The food at the restaurants here is lip-smacking.

  1. Jetties Beach, Massachusetts

Jetties Beach makes the perfect choice if you are traveling to a beach with your kids. This sun-kissed place is located in Nantucket. The beachfront is celebrated by the kids and their families every day.

Besides this, it is also a popular place among adults for parties. The nights at the beach are all about party scenes and some lip-smacking food. Another highlight of this beach is the famous Brant Point Lighthouse. You can catch a glimpse of unspoiled views of the northern beaches of the city from this location.

  1. East Hampton Main Beach, New York

The East Hampton Main Beach is the perfect place for all those who want to have a laid-back, undisturbed vacation. This place offers mind-boggling views of the Atlantic Ocean. The waters and sunset are a sight to behold.

You can soak in the sun, play board games with your family, perform adventure activities like swimming and surfing, and hop in the snack bar to satisfy your cravings for mouth-watering dishes.

  1. Oak Street Beach, Illinois

Oak Street Beach is located in Chicago, Illinois, and is touted as one of the best beaches in the US. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this beach speaks volumes about comfort. There are umbrellas, lounge chairs, and cabanas to lie down and relax your mind and body.

You can relax in the sun, read a book, go out for a volleyball game, socialize with your fellow beach-lovers and even walk on the pristine sands – there is a lot to do.

  1. Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts

This beach is located in Cape God, which is considered a haven for sun worshippers. Thus, if the chilling weather of your city bothers you a lot, you know where to escape for a perfect sunny vacation.

Coast Guard Beach is considered the best beach on Cape God and one of the best beaches in America. There is everything to explore – large surf, adjacent marshlands, flat expanse of sand, sand dunes, and other spectacular views. You can spend jolly time building a sandcastle, surfing, swimming, and seal-watching.

  1. Ogunquit Beach, Maine

This beach is located in Ogunquit, hence the name. The beautiful sunny place is perfect to soak in the sun and get that beautiful tan. It is the place to be for those who urge for relaxation and rejuvenation. Summer months draw great crowds to this place.

You can participate in many water sports and activities too. If you want a smaller crowd at this beach, we advise you to visit here off season.

Do not forget to carry your hat and put on enough sunscreen when you chill at these beaches. Have a great time.

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