Why flights go dey more expensive as International Air Transport Association same warning

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Price of airline tickets go increase “without doubt”, air industry oga don warn.

Oil prices don’t jump as economies dey recover from di covid pandemic and cause of di war for Ukraine.

Willie Walsh wey be director general of di International Air Transport Association (IATA), say dem go pass dis cost to consumers.

E say dis dey come as price of fuels dey rise.

Holidaymakers need to be prepared for the cost of flights to go up, Oga Walsh told the BBC Sunday Morning programme.

Major airlines in Nigeria bin alert dia customers in March 2022 of more flight delays and cancellations in days ahead.

Di alert na sake of di scarcity of Jet fuel or aviation fuel wey dem dey experience.

E take di intervention of goment ogas inside di oil producing kontri to save di mata.

In May 2022, commercial flight operators bin threatened strike to complain of di increase in price of JetA1, wey be aviation fuel, dem later suspend di action.

But now, air industry ogas dey warn say flights go dey more expensive across di world.

International Air Transport Association boss explains

“Flying is going to be more expensive for consumers, without a doubt.”

Di “high price of oil” go “show for higher ticket prices”, Willie Walsh tells BBC.

Oil prices don’t already increase as demand doesn’t pick up again as economies recover from the Covid pandemic.

Di fallout from di war for Ukraine don’t also push prices up more and more.

Oil price increase wey affect flight cost, wetin trigger am?

Di US don’t announce complete ban on oil imports from Russia.

UK dey also phase out Russian supplies by di end of di year.

European Union leaders don also tok say dem go block most Russian oil imports by the end of 2022.

Dis one mean say demand for oil from oda producers don’t increase, and this don’t lead to higher prices.

IATA oga say fuel prices dey at record highs, and say “oil na di single biggest element of any airline cost base”.

“No mata how e be, las-las dem go pass high oil prices through to consumers in higher ticket prices.”, e add am.

How much of di world dey rely on Russia for oil and gas?

Russia is the third largest oil producer in the world after America and Saudi Arabia.

Out of di five million barrels of crude oil dem dey export every day, more than half of dat dey enter Europe.

UK oil demand from Russia na 8% and US only import 3% of Russia for 2020.

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin bin don threaten say e go cut gas to “unfriendly” kontris if dem no start to pay for dia gas import wit Russian roubles.

Dis move dey come sake of di war on Ukraine wey don cause many kontris to sanction Russia.

Di US, UK and EU also, don’t already place restrictions for oil and gas imports from Russia, after dem invade Ukraine for February.

US declares total ban on di import of Russian oil, gas and coal.

UK wan phase out Russian oil by di end of di year.

UK goment say dem wan allow enough time for dem to find there places to get oil from.

Deputy Russian Prime Minister Alexander Novak says to reject Russian oil go create kasala for di global market.

Oil and gas prices don’t dey high since di invasion of Ukraine and if Russia stop to dey export dia own, di prices fit high even more.

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