TikToker Sues Hotels.com Over Double-Booked Room, No Refund

A man on TikTok says he started the process of suing hotels.com after they initially didn’t give him a refund for a double-booked room.

The TikToker (@nanobytesinc) says he booked a “relatively expensive” hotel room through hotels.com. But when he got to the hotel, his room was double-booked, and he wasn’t able to stay in it.

“I assumed hotels.com would give me a refund because they sold me something that didn’t exist,” the TikToker says in his recent video.

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However, he says he never got the refund. When he went to the website’s support team, he was told they couldn’t give refunds for that particular hotel property. They allegedly said the hotel had no refund policy.

Still, the TikToker isn’t happy because he paid for something that he didn’t receive.

“I know that I could go to my credit card [company] and be like hey actually just dispute that charge,” the TikToker says. “But this is a really shitty practice from them and I want them to learn a lesson. They should not be able to do this to people.”

As of Monday, the TikTok video received about 1.5 million views and more than 1800 comments. The TikToker’s potential lawsuit drew mixed reactions from viewers.

Some viewers seemed to think the lawsuit was an overreaction.

“Bro didn’t let it slide,” one viewer commented.

“There’s the drama king I remember!” a second viewer commented.

A third said, “Bro took it personally.”

And a fourth commented, “Bro could’ve just disputed the charge.”

Other viewers said travelers should try to avoid third-party booking companies like hotels.com when they reserve hotel rooms.

“From a hotel front desk agent, avoid 3rd parties!! They always mess up our guests reservations and unfortunately the hotel can’t do much 🙁 so sorry,” one user said.

“From a past hotel worker… this happens ALL the time. Avoid these sites at all costs and book directly through the hotel,” another user said.

Another TikToker claiming to be a hotel worker commented, “From the hotel side we HATE this! We often tell 3rd parties that we are overbooked and they BOOK ANYWAY.”

@nanobytesinc #hotelsdotcom #lawsuit #update ♬ original sound – nanobytesinc

In a follow-up video, @nanobytesinc claims that hotels.com emailed him after he made the initial video and offered him a credit for the same amount he initially paid. However, he is only able to use that credit towards future hotels.com bookings.

“That’s actually perfectly fine with me,” he says, seemingly closing the door to his potential lawsuit.

“Moral of the story: if a big company is trying to treat you like shit, stand up for yourself, and they will back down,” the TikToker concludes.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to hotels.com via email.

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*First Published: Jul 18, 2022, 6:07 pm CDT

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