This Guy Ditched His Date While She Was Napping At The Hotel After She Flew Across The Country To Meet Him

The majority will agree that dating is a pretty challenging thing.

Yet, some might argue that the process has changed drastically, as we don’t actually need to do nearly as many things as our parents did, for instance.

Our generation has been “blessed” with various online dating applications that are supposed to help us find interesting people and make the whole love-hunting process just a tad bit easier – however, with the introduction of apps, more and more stories pop up, and a fair share of them aren’t that amusing.

Obviously, encountering odd individuals isn’t explicit in dating apps; chances are you’ll get stood up even if you did meet your date through a good friend.

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Dating is a mentally draining thing that requires a lot of emotional strength

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I flew across the country to see this man and when I woke up from a nap at our hotel he was gone” – this TikToker stitched a video from a fellow creator exposing their “I’ve been ditched” experience and followed it up with her own story. The video has managed to get over 315.7K likes and 2900 comments discussing the audacity of some individuals.

Woman traveled to another state to meet a guy, ended up getting ditched at the hotel room while taking a nap

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Bored Panda contacted Sam DeNoyer, the author of the video, and she agreed to answer a few questions:

The woman is originally from Minnesota and moved to Texas last January. She mentioned that she didn’t know anyone when she moved – moreover, she had never been to Texas before and purely did it for fun.

We then wondered about the guy himself: “He used to play basketball at TCU, which is right by where I currently live. I transferred to Pittsburgh and he found me on Insta through a girl I met down here that I’ve gotten close with. We didn’t talk for a long period of time, but we talked often and FaceTimed!” – said Sam.

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The woman then added: “I wasn’t the most comfortable the first night we met up, but I just went with it to see how it would go the rest of the time!”

In one of the videos, Sam mentioned a friend who tried to get hold of the guy, so BP was curious about her reaction: “My friend was shocked that he would leave and didn’t think he had really just left me there either. She said he was very respectable. His immediate excuse was that he had a family emergency and would be back. He didn’t text me that until my friend got through to him on the phone and then he stopped responding to me when I asked him more questions.”

The date failed to respond to her texts, and later claimed that he had a “family emergency”

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The TikToker also said: “I have not heard from him since. I would definitely not advise getting yourself in that situation as I now know that it can be dangerous. I will say though that I’ve spent my whole life moving around and meeting new people so it wasn’t out of my comfort zone, but I will definitely be more careful not to risk my safety in the future.”

“I don’t want to make it sound like he’s a dangerous guy – I think he was actually just ghosting me, but I wouldn’t want other girls to get in similar situations and for it to turn out to be dangerous.”

After the video went viral, Sam responded to a couple of comments

Image credits: @sdenoyer

Image credits: @sdenoyer

Once the video began to gain views, it began to attract folks who were eager to voice their not-so-positive opinions. For instance, one of the viewers claimed that the woman was “desperate,” while another said that it was her own fault as she shouldn’t have traveled across the country for a man.

Sam said that she doesn’t like it when men buy her things as it makes her feel like she owes them something, and purchasing that ticket herself was just an “easy route.”

The woman also added that the original post wasn’t supposed to be that serious; she said that she was laughing at herself and didn’t expect to receive any kind of pity.

You can watch the explanation video here

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