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Tanya Ferril is a Jill of many trades, wearing the hat of coordinator at the General Legal Council, minister of religion, justice of the peace, marriage officer and event planner. While executing all these roles, she answered the call di lei to start her very own travel business. The entrepreneur shares more on how trauma inspired her to create beautiful memories for others.

“I always thought of myself to be adventurous but never actually did anything adventurous,” she confessed to Saturday Living. As her ventursome dreams of her became a reality, the entrepreneur began to develop a deep love for travel, that motivated her to start her business.

While she enjoys her many passions, the sad truth was that she was living from pay check to pay check, for most of her life. It was difficult seeing her di lei heart’s desires di lei staring back at her di lei and unable to have these amazing opportunities within her grasp di lei. Then the unimaginable happened that shifted her whole perspective of her. “My father became ill with colon cancer. I also became ill. Things were just going downhill. In the pandemic, it became worse and that is when I prayed to God and asked him for a way to break this generational curse that has been in my family for too long. I needed something more. The bills were getting worse and I needed a way to build generational wealth, ”the single mother shared.

Two years ago, in the midst of chaos and mayhem, Ferril’s prayers were answered when the opportunity came knocking at her door. She came up with the brilliant idea to create a company that incorporates her already established skills di lei. And it was there that her business di lei, Divine Sunset Travel Agency, was born.

Her place of employment has her going out of town for seminars and conferences, and she was charged with booking resorts for presenters and staff. So it only came natural to rechannel that talent for adventure seekers such as herself. “New adventures bring new possibilities and the great outdoors gives great views and fresh perspectives on life and what it has to offer,” she revealed.

Better than expected

Since starting this journey in June 2020, the response has been better than expected. “I have an inquiry every day and that is awesome.” Tackling familiar grounds, her clients continue to rave about their stays booked through her agency at hotels like Grand Palladium, Iberostar Suites, Moon Palace, Riu Palace, Royalton, Grand Bahia Principe and Bahia Luxury, Riu Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios and Ocean Coral Spring.

“I am head cook and bottle washer. I am the travel agent who knows what my clients need and I can answer all the questions. I am also the marketing representative. I sell the business of travel to others if they love the industry and would love to start their own business. I love to empower others, ”she added.

This move didn’t only bring joy and satisfaction to her clients; it has changed her entire outlook di lei on her life di lei as well, bringing a peace of mind that she always yearned for. “I worry less about where my next meal is coming from and how my family is going to survive. I’m able to save. I have grown; I am learning every day and my mindset is totally different, ”she admitted.

Her personal travels have taken her to all the hotels she offers as well as a few others. She has also visited two islands, Bahamas and Cayman Islands. “They are good spots for vacations,” she said, noting that Florida in the United States is good for bed and breakfast business trips. Ferril is looking forward to crossing Aruba, Antigua, Maldives, Dubai and going cruising off her bucket list.

The travel enthusiast and businesswoman hopes to take her company to the next level and see it doing well locally and internationally. “I want when people hear the name Divine Sunset Travel Agency, they know who we are and the value and quality of service they would be getting. My vision is to expand from not only doing travel but to also train, mentor and coach others in the travel industry and outside the travel industry. I would love to have a training facility to help others become entrepreneurs to live the life that they dream of and to better understand how to achieve their goals. There are endless possibilities. “

The tenacious go-getter continues to stay motivated by the need to provide for her family, her son most of all. The single mother expressed sincerity when she shared that she wants nothing but the best for her child. “I want him to attend university and I want to create generational wealth, leave a legacy for the family and never have to depend on a single source of income.”

Her advice or tips for persons seeking to travel across the island or around the world, but don’t know where to start, is to first look at your destination, look into dates, have a realistic budget and the type of activities you would like to do. Also, figure out whether you want to travel solo or in a group. And if that’s not enough, she will be happy to assist you further.

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